Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I lav pastas

One thing I hate about my hunger pangs are that they usually occur at the most inconvenient time of the day - midnight. Tell me, which shops are open at that time of the day?

Okay, A LOT but you can assume they're usually clubs or bars *angelic face* and what if I'm not interested in drinking alcohol huh? Water is just fine, thank you very much.

Maybe you say - KFC 24 HOUR OUTLETS! OH YEAH! Nah, not interested in fried food because all I'm interested in is a bowl of hot and spicy laksa *drools at the thought of it* or maybe a plate of pasta *yum*

Shops selling laksa or pasta are open at 12 midnight = 0%


Some of you may chant, "Cook some maggi mee laksa la!"

*smacks person hard*

Who wants some stale and FAKE maggi mee laksa when you can have a bowl of authentic hot and spicy laksa huh huh huh?? Of course, the answer is = you can't have it because it's 12 in the morning and OF COURSE no shops will be selling laksa at this hour.

Oh, just in case you guys don't know about this, I'm going on this "Strictly no maggi mee/mee goreng/any packet food in my diet" because I'm trying to stay healthy. :) Yep, healthy is good.

And odd enough, each time I take a bite out of anything "instant", I get this weird crummy feeling that makes me wanna puke them all out and of course, the word "cancer" O.O

I don't know if it's true about getting cancer if you eat too much mee goreng and all but I say, "Prevention is better than cure" so yep.

When I'm hungry at 12 AM, the only thing I do is.....stay in my bed and google food blogs. AM I CRAZY OR WHUT?!? I'm already hungry yet I decided to add the hungriness by viewing food blogs. A very smart decision, I presume. *nods*

And so I viewed and I drooled and my stomach growled...and I went to sleep, just like that and I am so happy that I can withstand my hunger pangs without grabbing a packet of maggi. I am proud of myself for that :*)

"Patience is rewarding" and that quote lives up to it's name because.....the very next day, my cousin MSN-ed me asking if I wanna go out to eat KFC. I immediately typed "YES!!"

And HEHEHEH!! Hola there, Pizza Hut!

I was having a hard time choosing between Pizza Hut or KFC but in the end, I chose Pizza Hut because I wanted to try their pastas so badly! They look so drool worthy from the advertisement on TV! Sadly, no laksa that day but it's alright. Pastas are a good substitution for laksa when you're hungry :D

Pitcher of cola @ RM 5.60

Me and my 2 other cousins couldn't finish it so I guess it's good for 5 people :D

My face: SO HEPI ^.^v

My cousin's face: =.='' I'm forced to do this

And oh! I cut my bangs again HAHAHAAH I know they look so short but they will grow......just in time for Chinese New Year, I hope :)

Me: Pose like me or you shall experience pain!!

Since KFC was just next door, my cousin ordered a few of their stuff and brought it to Pizza Hut. The best of both worlds = Pizza and KFC at the same time ♥

Cheeezzzzzzzzzy wedges MMhmmmm. Overload of cheese ; I love.

Presenting the main dishes of the day :D

I missed the promo Pizza Hut had T_T

One pasta dish + one coke + 2 slices of garlic bread @ RM 10 ONLY!! So bloody cheap. *sad*

My cousins' Spaghetti Bolognese @ Rm 10.90 (I don't remember the price so don't come hating on me if I guessed it wrongly)

My cousin thought it tasted pretty bland and there's really nothing much to shout for so I guess it's an okay-okay dish for them.

My Spaghetti Marinara dish @ RM11.90

This dish is so om nom nomz good! I would definitely go back for a second round. And for that price, I think it's worth it because there were a lot of fresh prawns in it and the sauce tasted fantastic. Plus, the portion was just right for one person. So you don't have to worry if it's too little ;)

I thought that the garlic bread wasn't at its usual best because it was soggy-like instead of it's usual crispy-on-the-outside-and-full-of-flavour-on-the-inside but still, the dish was tasty :)

Well, that's my opinion!

A closer inspection on my spaghetti marinara!

A forkful of spaghetti!

Anyone care to tell me what the heck are these black black button stuff that looks like mushrooms?

Well, it looks WEIRD so I didn't eat it :P Hopefully, it's nothing expensive!

After lunch (tea-time to be exact), I went to my cousin's house and played with her curling iron and curled my hair for fun :P

Her curling iron costs only RM 6.99 *gasps with horror* It's some el' cheapo brand but heck, it works just as fine!!

Then, I played with my cousin's face and made her up! HAHAHA!! That's what girls do when they're bored! :D

Presenting my other lover,

Hello there, Cutie Pie ♥

Meet Eileen, the very adorable little girl who has such beautiful and round eyes *kisses*

Like my beret?? Just kidding, it's not a beret or a hat, it's a HEADBAND :D

My mum bought it for me from Forever 21 in Singapore ^_^ I love my mum! She purposely went to F21 just cause I asked her to!

Sadly, most of the stuff there, the clothes especially = EW = quoted by my mum

Oh Oh Oh!!! Can you see my curls now? They're temporary curls, of course!

Me and my cousin in a fitting room

You like her eye make-up I did for her? She said it was too dark! -_- FYI, she never put make-up before so I can't blame her if she finds it too dark :P

Last picture to end this post:

"Don't mess with me, bitch!!"

HAHAHAHAA Okay, I kid, I kid. But her expression really looks like that, don't you think so?

Anyways, I wanna share a video with you guys,

Love this song so so so much!

Cory's voice is so *melts*


  1. wow lily!! the make up you did for your cousin is amazing! Especially the eyes! =D

    And yourrr curlsss! cantik!A

    Anddd your photos look great! ;)

  2. omggg the curler y onli rm6.90?what brand is that?bought where??? lol i luv ut F21 headband~adorable teheee

  3. ARGH! I wanna eat cheesy wedges! XO Aww the baby girl is so cutie :D

  4. Yums! I love pasta too! xD

  5. You are so healthy! Even nutritionist-to-be as me is not healthy conscious as u lol. And ur cousin is so so adorable :D

  6. The KFC and Pizza Hut is at Kota Damansara Section 6 ah ? kind of familiar . And u are healthy girl , good good ! =D

  7. I eat quite a lot of maggi, I am always in a hurry. :( But I dont drink soft drinks and don't eat meat, my healthy diet! :)

  8. Haha! Omg laksaaaa :D Eh, can trade your cousin with my brother a? She damn cute weiii :D

  9. I hate having hunger pangs during midnight too, it made me guilty to eat but I still cant help it in the end T__T Nice headband, it suits you!


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