Monday, January 24, 2011

I am EGG-cited! =D

After spending more than three weeks in Sibu, I'm finally back in Brunei! *inhales fresh air*

I call Brunei "A place without motorcycles" =D

Technically, I do see some motorcycles around here but seeing motorcycles in Brunei are rare compared to Sibu. I mean, everywhere you go, you're bound to spot a motorcycle somewhere even though it's in a jungle like place! In Brunei, the only time I see motorcycles are the delivery kind etc Pizza Hut, Jolibee, newspaper man and...

Even though a person does own a motorcycle *whispers* you can guarantee they are those guys with bandana tied around their forehead, wearing tattered jeans, vests and chains everywhere - I call them biker dudes and they usually ride in a big gang and vrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooom as much as they could to gather your attention.

Well, in short, biker dudes = buying nice looking fancy bikes to attract the public's attention! ^_^

But, that's just my observation. I may be wrong =D

In Sibu, you see NO fancy bikes, I can assure you on that and the bikes are normal motorcycles, nothing much to brag about.

And......the drivers in Sibu......are very, very inconsiderate *shakes head* Brunei drivers, I missed you T______T

I won't rant on this topic so just visit Malaysia to get what I mean ^_^

The main reason I went to Sibu for such a long time is to get my driver's license! =D

I don't have a license now if you're wondering but I still feel "accomplished" because my mission was to pass my law test and I did it and on top of that, I went to a 6 hour engine talk (which was so boring, fyi *psst* I slept in the class heheheh) and right now, I'm waiting for my L license to come out so I can learn how to drive! =D

Eggcited much!! *squeals*

Ok, I think I blabbered too much so I will show some pictures I took during my last week stay in Sibu! =)

I was in Parkson, "supposedly" the biggest shopping mall in Sibu! They have nice green and grassy grounds there and since I consider myself a nature person, how can I not take pictures of it *correction* me with it =D

My cousin kept on teasing me by saying, "There's a woman staring at you," or "Someone is coming~~~~" which resulted in my face looking very......EGG-CITED!!

Nice windy breeze and a beautiful environment really soothes me down =)

Me and Ivy! I think we look like tourists here ^_^

Failed picture T_T but my cousins find it funny-looking so I'm posting it for the sake they will laugh again when they see this picture! (They read my blog so yep ^_^)

Me and Mc Donald's choco top ice cream! Hard and crunchy on the outside as you can see...and eat..

But soft and fluffy on the inside *squeals with delight* and OH! Not to forget Cheesy wedges at the side - being blurred out by Mc Donald's choco top ice cream!

I was supposed to ride an 8 hour bus back to Miri but my mum booked an airplane ticket for me instead T_T

Two reasons why I wanna go back by bus despite me being alone, the funky odour and the crazily long ride...

1) A bus ride is so much more cheaper!
2) I fear plane rides

Well, to call it a "fear" would be much of an exaggeration *coughs*

Honestly, I just don't like it when my ears feel funny due to the air pressure difference. They hurt and they don't feel good T_T

I sat at the back of the plane - second last and since it was drizzling, the plane ride was very....SHAKY! I kept on grabbing the edge of the seat (Weak, I know) whenever the plane goes up and down T_T

BUTTTT, first time riding an airplane by myself? - TICK ✓

I was served a cold Milo drink and a chocolate cupcake! ^_^ It tasted heavenly!!

And oh...with Jiapin's "The Time Traveller's wife" book beside me while I nom!

People beside me were reading newspaper or either sleeping which is such a waste if you ask me =(

Cause I think the sky was so beautiful that day =) The sun was settling down so it was a mix of orange + yellow + pink which resulted in a pretty pink salmon coloured sky...ahhh..breathtaking =)

My phone did not accurately capture the pretty colours of the nah, just observe the pretty fluffy clouds =)

Did you see those two tornado-lookalike clouds right behind? I see so many patterned-clouds that day! I saw one that looks like *Anime moment* Hiroshi!! (In Sugar Sugar Rune)

Basically, Hiroshi is a fluffy, brown dog ^_^

My Deco DIY I bought a few days back.....for Rm 22.90

Dunno whether that is considered pricey since it comes with a protective transparent sheet, a pen like tweezer, a glue and a few decodens AND LOTSA BLING BLINGS *eyes sparkle*

I bought this for my FUTURE CAMERA *eyes sparkle even more*

Sadly, I don't own a camera of my own and I am really not willing to bling or deco-fy my own phone because it looks TOO man-ly and plus, I'm not a phone addict who sticks with his/her phone 24/7 so in short, I think it would be a waste to make my phone look oh-so-pretty and nice when in reality, I don't even bother to look at it.

I am so harsh to my own phone T_T

Anyways, I'm flying to KL on Wednesday to check out my new school ^_^ I'm EGG-CITED!!

Then, it's straight to Sibu (again =p) for Chinese New Year!! =D

On another note, my best friend Maria is going to Australia to study SOON!!! I wish you ALL THE BEST =D You will always be my papa bear =D

P/S: I did realize my smileys have changed - It may or may not be a permanent thing since I find :) a bit creepy now. HAHAHA. Well, it's just me ;)


  1. Speaking of Sibu drivers, you have yet to see KL drivers who are faster and more furios HAHA LOL Btw, I like yr grey dress with black stripes. You look good in everything! :D

  2. look so fun... i nvr been to Brunei yet .. i wish to visit there one day =) btw, i love the way u deco ur blog =) so cute with bows

  3. Nice trippp :)
    I never been to Brunei or Sibu.
    Anything nice in Brunei?

  4. aww..too bad you're not staying till fri then can join us for Lou Sang :(

  5. ARGH! I love those blinkies! XD Ur tights are so skinny la dear D:

  6. LOL! I was working in Sibu for 2 years and I totall understand what you mean by sibu drivers! haha! even those aunty that goes market to buy vege are "fast & furious"too! >_<

  7. i love choco top too! =)

  8. I'm fear of bikers x( Btw, I like the decor but it's a bit pricey hehe

  9. Lily is coming back to KL!!!!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeee! when when when?


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