Sunday, January 16, 2011

I ain't a daredevil, hun.

So......I bought my first colour contact lenses yesterday!! HEH HEH HEH!!

Yes, I sound really sakai because it's my first time wearing something "coloured" and "man-made"(this - not really) in my's almost's a foreign thing! Well, you know me.

I get hyped up for little unnecessary things but it's also a good thing because it means that I appreciate life a little more :)


The colour isn't that obvious. It's like......I'm wearing nothing at all. It looks the same. Boo!

And I thought that brown would actually be obvious since my eye colour is BLACK. Yes, it's black and it's not brown, too bad. (Which also means I'm healthy *coff* ^_^v)

I shall cut the crap and let you see how it looks like in pictures.


This picture is without make-up and hai hai hai, I *rants about this picture* look like shit. *changes topic abruptly*

SEE!! Not obvious right??

Oh well, I wanted a more natural colour and so, I guess this is very "natural" enough already~

I was about to pick purple over brown but in the end I chose brown because.....I ain't a daredevil, hun. *refer to title please*

I spent 30 minutes in the optical shop because there are so many choices to choose from! The turquoise colour contact lenses looks really awesome but...because of my timid personality, I didn't dare try it.

Maybe next time, I shall try purple :D Hehehe!

Kalok brand :P

Just kidding. It isn't a kalok brand, I went and googled it and some blog shop is selling this brand of contact lenses for RM 50 (3 months)! What the....

I bought these 14 mm babies for RM 30 only! ^_^v and to me, that is considered cheap HAHAHA cause Brunei sells colour contact lenses for like BND 30 *shakes head*

But honestly, these lenses are super duper comfortable! I wore this to my 6 hour theory/amali talk and most of the time I was indoors so you could expect my eyes to be irritated and dry after that but to my surprise, it still feels the same! No drying effect and my eyes still feel watery :D

Or maybe cause it's new from the packaging? I dunno but I definitely like the feel of it!

I dunno whether my contacts look fake to you or anything but due to the fact that it is barely visible (well, my cousins told me it IS but oh well, in pictures they aren't :( ) they probably stay on the "NOT-FAKE" side!

I purposely pick the thick black rimmed ones hehe (Think: Geo lens)

I haven't get to try Geo lens! I really wish to try them! They look so good on the models! Or is it the models that make them look good? Either way, I still wanna try them!

With make-up :) I feel much more secure after I apply make-up :)

Ya, I know my eyeliner skills are BAD T____T

I was trying to do the "Gyaru" eyeliner kind - you know, where they extend the eyeliner line something to make it look "puppy-dog ish" Inspired by @Ekiblog! Go read her blog! She's super duper pretty :D

At least my eyes look shiny in this picture. HAHAHA!!!

Anyways, the pictures above are mostly taken indoors ; 3rd pic is outside and of all the pictures, the ones taken with flash are the most obvious looking ones. :D

Now it does look a bit freaky....*brrr* Almost like Robot eyes! Ngek, ngek, ngek~

Aiyooo!! My eyeliner line is too long, I know T_T

After I removed everything - well, I didn't really remove it. I rubbed the eyeliner away and pluck out my false eyelashes...that's all.

I absolutely adore false eyelashes

I used to think eyeliner has the biggest impact on eyes but boy, was I wrong! False eyelashes are the ones that add an instant boost to your eyes!! It makes smaller eyes bigger :)

This shows that my fringe needs a, my black roots are more visible now red faded into brown...

I wanna dye my hair again!! But, I don't think my mama will let so hmm...

Oh yeah! This is old news but I still wanna state it in my blog so when I grow old and wrinkly, I can come back to my blog and remember when and exactly when I passed my law test! :D

Yep! I passed my undang test! Super happy since I got everything done. First step in Sibu is to pass my law test [TICK] and my second step is to get a driving license (P) :D

Hope everything goes well!


  1. don't be afraid of your own eyes! For me, I thought mine were freaky too but after that it's cool. Use flash to take pictures! More visible! =D

  2. Yr eyeliner skills is not bad, it is GOOD! Trust me, I don't even know how to use one or even fake eyelashes. Am I even a lady? Fail max T___T

  3. Haha.. I remember I was very excited too when I first got my coloured lenses.

  4. awww! so pretty! i loveee it! =)

  5. omg! i didn't realize that icon to leave comments. so cute!!

    wana say that ur single eyelid is beautiful. and i'm still struggling to apply contacts nao. big time fail. wasted a few contacts already.

  6. Hey dear,awesome brown contact lens n u look nice in it! :D I don't dare to try coloured contact lens... ><

  7. got or not make up oso leng lah!

  8. Babe,

    Congrats on your first lens. If you need more lens you can read my advertorial, lens from there is cheaper and reliable :>

  9. it looks pretty with make up ! :D

  10. I love contact lens :D And purple'd look lovely on you :D :D

    Assmess :)

  11. Wow..Awesome effect and looks more pretty...Anyway,nice try~~


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