Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A date with Sushi Tie No.2


It's another foodie post! *jumps with joy* I haven't been out these few days and even though I'm out, all I do is shop for CNY stuff with my grandmother and cousins. Not that I'm complaining, heck, it's's good, I guess?

I can't wait to go KL on the 26th :D Boarding a plane on my own...heh heh heh!!

Remember back in February, I blogged about Sushi Tie? Well, I went to Sushi Tie for the second time with my cousins, Ivy and Vera! Hence, the title "A date with Sushi Tie No.2"

If you're interested in my post which was way way way way back, you can click HERE.

I had such short hair back then! Now, I have medium hair *nods* I've always had medium hair and oddly enough, it doesn't seem to grow. -_-

It always remains as how it is and instead of growing longer, it curls inwards or if I'm unlucky, outwards. -_-

OH DEAR HAIR, grow longer so I can dress you up in different hairstyles aka irregular braids *shimmering eyes*

Hello my stinky old shoes which I love so much!

I found a replacement for my stinky old shoes already *smirks* and noo, it's not my oxford flats! I shall disclose it some other day...maybe during CNY :P

You know what I call my oxford inspired flats?

"NAN REN XIE" - in Chinese. (which means MEN'S SHOES) Is it SIE or XIE? I'm really bad in Chinese pin yin and I really don't care if it's wrong because let's face it, English is more important than Chinese...sadly.


But it costs a BOMB! Around Rm 40+ or 50+ :(

I think I look like a spy in the second picture! B)

And we're off to Sushi Tie! I love the ambiance there and the service was quite bleh that day. I wonder what happened to the nice waitress last year who said HI to us the moment me and my cousin, Emily stepped in?

Our waitress that day kept on staring at us with her big-shot puffed out eyes O.O No smiles or whatsoever. The only thing she did was staring at us with this kind of expression O.O

Cold green tea ^_^

One girl and nine plates of sushi *coughs* let's not forget the two bowls of Tempura Udon!!

I was quite full that day so I ate very little!! :(

And once again, I chose the window seat because I looooooveee looking outside the window! Sadly, it was raining.

Me + rain = 0% match *Beep* *Red light*

I don't recall any of the food yeah, just look at the pictures :3

I see some bits of cucumber and crab stick in it! :O

My cousin's cone thingy

A pocketful of GOODNESS ~

Want some?

Raw salmon is love!!

Oh, I will so eat you!

Truth is, I didn't even eat it.

HOT PIPING GOODNESS! ♥ with lots of *whispers* fattening *end of whisper* mayo! This is sooo tasty and it costs only RM 1!!

They had a promotion. Buy 2 for RM 1! :D CHEAP ASS, I like.

OM NOM NOM NOM!! Crunchy and yummy = a very happy Lilian

Looks cute but I'm not sure about the taste because I didn't try it. They look like little sausage men with faces, don't you think so? :D

And oh!! Let's not forget the white Elvis-lookalike hair!

This dish was also under the "Buy 2 for RM 1" promotion!

Lots of yummy food = two very happy girls :D

I have never managed to take a picture of Vera's face. She moves like the wind, seriously.

The moment you try to snap a picture of her, she disappears. -_-

My Tempura Udon @ RM 12.90 ♥

The soup was a tad bit salty compared to last time's but still yummy!!

It comes with two huge arsed crispy tempura *squeals with delight*

My phone went out of battery at one point so the below pictures were snapped using my cousin's phone!

The aftermath: colourful empty plates stacked up neatly to ease the waitress's job *burp*

Me and Ivy! As you can see, we gave big smiles because we are both full and contented! :D

*Places hand on stomach* = VERY FULL!!!

Total price summed up to RM 52!

Me thinks it's alright for that kind of price since we ordered quite a lot!

I wouldn't mind going back to Sushi Tie for the 3rd time AND the next time I'm going there, I'm gonna try something else instead of Tempura Udon.

I'm gonna try something more expensive and exotic looking. Noted.

Tomorrow's my law test *hyperventilates*

Okay, no biggie right? T_____T


  1. You made me wanna go eat jap food like NOW! They are forever so temptinggggg.

  2. Yum yum,bite u sushi! Hey babe let's go date when ur here in Malayia ;)



  4. i wanna go to eat with u lah! hehe steph and you lah! hahahaa...
    but i'm in melaka wor.. wakakaka..

  5. hey yo !! i feel like eating sushi too >< aiyooo ! i want la ;p

  6. Sushi is always my favourite <3

  7. I heart sushi :D nice la. :)

  8. woah! sushi queen here eh? xD

  9. ur shoes are so cute :D ehh sushi tei sounds not expensive at all>< wanna try jor>< craving for sushi now :(


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