Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sushi + Narnia

In relevant to my previous post, my sims 3 custom content problem is FIXED!!! *jumps in joy*

YEP YEP YEP!!! I wanted to give up already but with my stubborn nature, I guess that's not possible. I'm also really good at tempting myself to try again because each time I log in to Modthesims2 I would have the urge to try and try again!!

Thank goodness for my stubborn nature, I managed to solved the problem ^_^

I don't feel like a loser anymore!

ANYWAYS! I went out with Maria and Michee a few days back to watch a movie and do a little shopping.

A little shopping was right because personally, I wasn't in the mood to shop cause I spent a lot of money on prom already T____T

The dress, the shoes, the tickets and the works, you name it.

It's time to save money you know!

I liked what I wore that day! It wasn't something fancy to brag about but I have always liked the idea of wearing dresses with sneakers. :D Especially when it's with tights ♥

OH! I'm also really into suspender tights as well! No, no, no they are not "hooker tights" or "slutty tights" because there are lots of variations of suspender tights.

This is the kind of suspender tights I want!

I went and googled "hooker tights" just for the fun of it and guess what came out? "Fishnet stockings" SERIOUSLY??

Fishnet stockings are SO not hooker tights.

For me, hooker tights look like these:

CLICK ON THE LINK if you are interested!

And if you did click on the link, please ah, it was under the category "suspender tights" so don't think wrong! 0:)

My false eyelashes looked really bad that day ; one was higher than the other :(

Here comes food pictures! It's my favourite part of the post cause I like looking at food pictures :D

And once again, I have the tendency to forget the names of the food that me and my friends have eaten =_=

Maria's takoyaki balls which looks like chocolate ice-cream scoops, don't you think? :D

My mini california maki ♥

Michums posing with her avocado drink!

Michee + fake eyelashes + avocado drink

I love the colourful sprinkles! Looking at anything colourful instantly boosts my mood!!

I have no idea what this sushi is, but heck, 2 for the price of $20??? *vomits blood*

OOooo!! I just googled it. Uni sushi contains sea urchin!!! *gasp*

I will never eat it.

Jiayee's chicken teriyaki don if I'm not mistaken! :B

and Maria's ramen (if I'm not wrong...I'm really really bad with food names)

I even forgot the name of my own dish!! But I remembered this one costs me $6 only ^_^

Because of time issues, me and Maria had to tapao our food to eat in the cinema! Maria didn't eat hers but I ate mine :D

Ice-cream + the $6 set + movie = (Y)

We watched "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" and in my opinion, I didn't really like it because it was kind of short, lack of action and it's a waste of money to watch it in 3D as well.

Like I said, Brunei's 3D ain't that good.

I would rate it 6 out of 10 but that's just my personal review :)

My hello kitty make-up pouch + my hello kitty nails!!

How awesome if I was wearing some hello kitty top as well! But that would just be known as HELLO KITTY OVERLOAD!!

Oh yea! All 3 of us were wearing florals that day and we didn't even plan on wearing florals :D

As you can see, this is a realllyyyy candid picture.

It started when Michee wanted to buy those decodens from the ground floor but Maria wouldn't let her.

Michee: Quick!! I want to buy the decodens!! (It was 5.45 and she's leaving at 6)
Me: Take picture first bah! I haven't take a picture with you!
Michee: Faster!!
Me: *looks at Michee*
Michee: *looks at me*

And then we ended up laughing non-stop, thus the picture!

HAHAHAHAHA um. Yea. We were trying to imitate the huge poster behind us.

Michee looks "paused" and I look so dark. -_-

I have a D-I-Y project no.2 coming up for myself! And that is - to create a beautiful sim and upload it into Modthesims2! :D

Yep, I already have a D-I-Y project no.1 *grins* I will post about it sometime this week or next week!


  1. HEY! I like that last picture of us! Our poses actually look like the people on the poster!

  2. hooker tights ?! HAHAHAHAHA.

  3. Hahah! i like yr last picha!!! xD funny wei!

  4. The last one is EXACTLY like the billboard! lol

  5. that takoyaki really look like icecreams scoops! :P

  6. ur shoe and nails is so cute! hehe i like :)

  7. Nice sneakers eh! *ignores the sushi and other camwhore pics* :P

  8. I agree, the 3rd installment of Narnia was lacking in every way and pales in comparison to the previous two. Plus don't bother going 3d, the only 3d i saw was at the beginning and end.

    But there was good in there, the song at the end credits by Carrie Underwood.

  9. I hate you Vince :P HAHAHAHA!!

  10. Aww~ I just ate sushi Yesterday but still feels like eating. T,T

  11. lol i click into the link n i was like O.O LOL the tights><hmn..XP

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