Thursday, December 02, 2010

My first and last high school prom!

I'm a little skeptical that prom is OVER!!

It feels like yesterday that I was talking to my girlfriends about prom, discussing our prom ideas - our dresses, make-up, accessories, hairstyles and so forth...

And within hours, it's over. OVER. :(

Days before prom, I was so worried that a new pimple will sprout on my face so I decided to have a skin-care regime! I usually don't wash my face with all sorts of cream and toner but just for prom, I did!

And the hard work paid off! No new pimples grew on the day of prom!! Whew! I personally find skin-care regime tiring. Heheheh

Anyways, prom was AMAZING! I had a lot of fun that night! :D However, I will admit the games part are a bit boring (hey couple games?? That's a little biased for single people here!) but the rest was fine! :)

I had a lot of fun dancing around although I sucked at doing those club-kind-of-dance moves! All I did was just doing a side-to-side dance movement. So laubeh right??

Oh well! Good companions and a lovely environment makes this prom memorable!

I went to Jaywen's house and we went to the salon together to do our hair!

My hair was SO OLD at first that the first thing that came into my mind when I saw my newly done hair was "OMG. I'm doomed"

After a while, the curls begin to loosen out and so....I regained my youthfulness!

I went Faceshop to do my prom make-up along with Sandy, Hannah and Jaywen! Thanks again for inviting me, Sharlyn! :D

I had foundation on my face FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! My skin was so blah at first and then BOOM!!! It's like magic. It became alive right after Sharlyn's mama applied foundation, primer and powder on my face!

My face was so damn clear!! Even my pimples disappeared. It's on undercover but you get the drill. *winks*

I love foundation so much now *cries* Foundation is the medicine that restores dry skin and transforms it into clear and smooth skin! ^_^

The make-up artist even applied bronzer on my face!! Heheh!! I feel so made-up!

I was so unwilling to remove my make-up after prom T_T

And...moving on to prom pictures! There are more but they are in my FACEBOOK! You can click on the link to direct yourself to the album! :)

Prom was held at the Royal Berkshiere Hall, Polo club. The venue was so beautiful! ♥

I sat at Table 1 cause it's only for "Number 1"/VIP people.

Just kidding! I dunno why only a few people wanna sit in front. The view from here is great and it's near the buffet table too! So, it's easy if I wanna sneak in to get some corn soup in the middle of a performance without feeling awkward :P (from true experience)

Khai looked so handsome that night! *cough* He is ALWAYS handsome however, he looks awesomely gorgeous that night!

Khai, are you reading this? I don't think he reads my blog anymore. *sad face*

I wanted to crop Maria out of this picture so badly *try cover Maria and you will know why* hehehe but check out Maria! She looks so so so so beautiful that night that my jaw actually dropped a little when she came out of the car! That was how bewitching she looked that night! So powerful :D

I voted her for best dressed! Heheh!!

Me and Elaine who looks so much like an innocent princess! 0:)

Don't you just adore her dress?

Me and baobei Sandy who still wants to pose bu-mei-li for prom

Shieeli who also looked very gorgeous that night!

Everyone Most people looked so gorgeous and handsome that night! ♥ I had so much fun looking at everyone's dresses, accessories, shoes, hairstyle, suits and all! It was such a fun night!

Brendy gives a gangsta-whut pose *rubs Brenda's shoulder and then smacks her* my add-math seat mate who seats beside me during add math lessons! I'm gonna miss her :(

I am such a terrible seat mate cause I love to hit her when I can't get an answer correct and even when I get an answer correct. See! No matter what, I'll still hit her! (I accidentally typed heat! Eee! So violent!)

Vanesa who looked so dolly that night! Like a pretty doll with her dolly huge eyes! My eyes were like....a dot compared to hers but I ain't complaining :B

Her eyes versus My eyes in illustration = Shine vs. Shadow

I'm so jealous of Mei thing lor! Halfway during the performance, Frederick dedicated a song to Mei thing and they started the very first dance of the night! *melts*

This Frederick is such a gentleman! Such a thoughtful guy....all good guys are taken.

Yo yo yo!! Beautiful girls surrounding me!! Be jealous! Be very, very jealous!


Love this picture! If only I could photoshop Vincent's cheeks and make them red in colour....

Vincent looks like a drunk man and Michee looks like a bar lady who accompanies Vincent to the taxi!

And oh! Michee looks so so cute with her hairstyle!

"The Last Waltz" was this year's prom theme! :D

Sharlyn who looked freaking hot! On fire babeh! *strikes pose* She looks like a spy...a very sexy spy!

Me and the gorgeous prom queen! :)

Mr.President!! *sings school song*

Michee naughtily steals guys' ties that night...

First sentence I blurted out when I saw Teck Tzu was..."I'm taller than you!" *smirks*

Hence....resulting in a very forced smile from him T_T

Me and the very beautiful and always...Jaslyn! OoOo...our dress colour complement one another!

Poor Khai...who's always treated like a man-slave just cause he's gorgeous...but he's so happy to be abused by us girls!! Just look at his all-smiles face!

My checklist...which was a big help! :)

Oooo....what's this envelope with my name written in blue glitter pen?

It's sort of like a testimonial written by your friends...thanks to everyone who wrote on my paper! :)

SO pretty....and special! I love it! The councillors who did these must have spent a lot of time...but it was definitely worth it cause it came out so professional looking!

I wish I got a pink one though!

This is it. High school has officially ended for me. I can finally bid adieu to the school I have been studying for 12 years...

I'm glad that there's Facebook and MSN so me and my friends can still keep touch with one another! I am so glad for high school because I have met so many wonderful people who makes my life so memorable!

I met my best friends who makes me laugh even at the littlest things! I swear, keep us in a room for a day without a laptop or any sort of entertainment...we could never run out of things to talk about! chapter of my life is over - high school. And I know I'm gonna miss it, a lot.

Not just my friends but the school itself. The feeling of being a high school student is just different. I I can never watch a high school movie and go...oh yeah!! So high school, right?

"So college" is my motto now.

How many college movies are there anyway? :/


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