Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first dye job

Hi peeps! I haven't been blogging for a few days...well, it's not that long, is it? It's just
3 days -_-

I would have blogged about this two days ago but I was down with a fever :(

Personally, December isn't my best month in 2010 - it is actually my worst month. Ha-ha-ha. Yeah, O level month isn't exactly that bad considering that I haven't gotten my results back yet *whimpers*

You know what I hate about getting sick?

The pills. Yes, those huge odd-coloured looking pills or whatever you call them. I just hate it. I dread taking them as well T______T

I would always choke myself after swallowing them with lots and lots of water...and they still taste bad. And after I shallow them, I get this feeling of nausea which makes it really unbearable for me to do anything.

Yeah, I rarely get sick. In 12 months, I have gotten sick for like....2 times only. I'm healthy like that *nods*

Honestly speaking, I ain't really excited to blog about my first hair-dye job *sulks* because the changes aren't very visible but ho well....better than nothing :)

I will just let the pictures do the talking!!

One day...whilst I was resting in front of my grandma's house, I spotted this beautiful shiny ice-cream that fell off from heaven *gasps* I was joking, duh.....

And...OMG!!! It speaks! An ice-cream actually talked to me! Am I the first person who actually talked to an ice-cream or is it the other way round?

Alright, it's time to negotiate with this cute little ice-cream that calls itself "Ice-cream", yep, how typical...

*nods profusely* Well, I won't lose anything by nomming on it....right?

What did you think it was at first? An ice-cream??'s actually a bread-cake or a cake...or a bread...I dunno, it just tastes like a mixture of bread + cake ^_^

How cute!! First, a mouse-shaped like bread and now, an ice-cream shaped like bread cake!


All the above pictures were just for fun and to showcase the unique looking bread-cake...of course you can't get coloured hair by just eating a bread-cake! If that's possible, I think the world would be bread-free/cake-free by now...

This is how my hair looked like at first :)

I had red highlights before but it faded to black colour after a month or so...

The strength of black hair!! I actually felt really heavy hearted to dye my black hair..coz it looks so black!! (Like a virgin)

Hmm...should I opt for violet coloured hair....or

NEON YELLOW coloured hair?? :D :D

JK. I chose none of the above. I forgot the name of the colour I opted for but I knew it had a shade of purple + brown + red...yeah. The colour is either mahogany + red or burgundy.

Let the dyeing process....begin!

My ear is bleeding!! *screams* JK, it's the dye.

After settling it for an hour or so...

TA-DA! Like no difference, ey? *coff* (don't forget I am using a lau-beh 3.2 megapixel phone camera)

Except for my fringe ^_^ yep, I have a fringe again!!

Thank goodness, my hairstylist told me that the colour would be brighter after washing it a few times...

And it turns out like this! :)

So much more visible ey? Not THAT visible but at least the changes is apparent. Sometimes, it looks like this colour..

And at times it looks brown-ish

and even orange under the sunlight..

and at other times, it just looks RED!

I looked at all the 4 pictures above and I dunno which colour is closest to my real life hair colour :( Sorry guys, it's hard to determine when you have different shades of hair colour each time you take a picture of yourself.

Guess you will have to see me in real life to determine which is my real hair colour ^_^

Outfit of the day *heh heh* a bit shy to post this..

I bought a fedora!!! *jumps*

I completed 2 out of 6 of my to-do-list :) CLICK-CLICK to see my wish-list!


  1. HAHAH! i like your hair! but eh! sometimes red sometimes brown! I MUST see it in real life!! I like your outfit of the day *winks*

  2. ehh u hair colour nice XD it really change colour one haha omg a fedoraaaaa>< i wanna it also TT

  3. wow! i love your hair colour :))) love the reddish one :))) ! i plan to dye my hair reddish brown :D:D!

  4. nice hair colour. cute fedora <3

  5. how much is that fedora and i like the way you dresssss (: so pretty! nice hair colour but i actually regret dying my hair boo

  6. Good ! I love the violet looking one lol.

  7. Nice hair! But I am not going to dye mine ;(

  8. @Hilda it costs RM 31.90 after discount :)

  9. I thought you dyed it purple LOL!!

  10. black is the best.

  11. Wine red looking, looks nice, If I have the chance I will go back for red hair. Too bad studying d, cant have this hair color anymore.

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  12. erm, i did hv my 1st dye yet!! I love my virgin hair too.. LOL!! But looks nice after dying!! ^u^ RIGHT??

  13. wow! i love your hair colour weyy! xD

  14. wah nice hair... hope u will complete ur to-do list in this short time.. :)-


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