Monday, December 13, 2010

My D-I-Y project no.1: Slashed tee

OMG! I got clawed by a tiger! JK, I slashed my tee B)

I know it's such a bad "Just Kidding" but hey, it really does look like it got clawed by a tiger/monster/any animal or human with sharp claws)

I did this DIY project a few weeks back but only had the mood to blog it today. Yep, with the right blogging mood, the creative juices will come flowing in and only then, I can blog with satisfaction. :>


Hers is a little different from what I wanted to do because initially, I had the thought of making a slashed tee out of a plain t-shirt but I don't know how to do it...

Picture tutorials weren't that helpful so I youtube-d "How to slash tees" and hers was the easiest so far! So I incorporate her cutting skills into the tee I'm experimenting with :D

Other cool slashed tees:

Theirs are better than mine, indefinitely.

Such smooth and precise cutting!!

Did I mention that I never like cutting stuff even when I was a kid? I would always choose to do the drawing or colouring but never the CUTTING.

But I guess, in terms of fashion, cutting is acceptable.

Here's my try at a DIY slashed tee :D

D-I-Y ideas are so damn fun!! And they cost next to nothing! I just added a DIY label to my blog heheh just in case I come up with more DIY ideas!

This is the main reason why I wanna slashed my tee.

Just look at this tee! It's so plain and boring and....pure. I am not an accessory person so I usually don't pair my outfits with accessories even though I know they make a big difference...

So since I'm bad at pairing accessories with clothes, hey, might as well make the clothes be the DIFFERENCE!

This tee is ready for a makeover *put on shades*

I first cut a few lines ; one long one short...*I saw a few designs on the net just now and I think it would have been better if I started from short to long :(*

And then, I TEAR IT!!! *evil cackle*

Just kidding. I stretch, stretch, stretch.

Initially, I stopped cutting halfway thinking it would be a little too exposing but heck, it looks bad. So I continued!

And the end process looks like this:


The slashed lines are pretty messy but it's still wearable :D

This is how it looks like from the back when I wear it!

Hmm, I haven't tried wearing it from the front but I don't think it would be comfortable if I did try that because my tee isn't 2-in-1 and the neckline would be choking me the whole time...

So I guess I will just wear it this way :D

*shy laughter*

I was bored, alright??

*Just ignore the uneven skin tone but I guess right after I mention it, you noticed it*

What's next for Slashyville??

Slashed leggings?? WHY NOT!!

BBBBUUUUUT, I have no leggings at the moment and my mum would definitely kill me if I did lay my hands on her leggings and slashed tights??

My beautiful black solid tights?

Nuh-uh. NEVER.


  1. That is so hot, two inniters did this before too :P

  2. nicee :D
    wear a lace top inside and it'll look great!

  3. hey nice weh..u dint teach hw to cut..=(

  4. nice one! love it loads :)

  5. wow! u did it yourself!

  6. wow! really nice one!
    last time got a master frm us or france oso like to cut ppl's t-shirt de loh!
    nice to meet you.
    u 17? really? wow....

  7. Wow nice. I never would have the guts to cut any of my shirts! :P

  8. Nice One... I would cut but I won't wear it out!! hahahahahahahaha.. XD

  9. I would say it looks funny..haha..I mean, funny blog post. Would try slash my shirt too when Im about to throw them, and see how it looks on a guy..haha

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  10. Wow awesome :) heh!

  11. nice
    and is shin yi here

  12. Great job u did! I wanna try doing it someday :D

  13. wow mice nice waaa i wanaa tyry myself also ady XD


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