Thursday, December 16, 2010

MSN pet peeves

Usually, I don't really get annoyed when people do things that I don't like in MSN but I dunno why, I feel a little irritated when I think about it today..

#1 - The slow reply

I really don't mind waiting for a few minutes, 2 or 3 the least, or if I'm in a great mood - 5 minutes but hello, 10 minutes??

What the hell were you doing?

Me: So, are you going to *inserts-whatever-place*?

*After 10 minutes*

The person:

*SCREAMS* 10 minutes nevermind....but hey!! You think I'm the thinker or whut?? At least just tell me what the hell were you doing during these 10 minutes intermission in MSN!

Oh let's not forget, the status is um...."ONLINE"

At least just change your status to "Busy" or "Away" and I won't say a thing about it! Well, I never said a thing about it till now anyway!!

Don't worry, I am considerate to look at the "XXX is typing a message now" but if it's BLANK or nil = you're in my msn black list, missus/mister

#2 - The-I-don't-like-to-type-a-lot

Me: OMG!! You know this morning when I walked down the stairs
I fell on my head
and blood oozed out from my chin *seriously, it's possible*

Person: oh (small letter some more)

I don't like it x100 when I type so many words and the person just replies back a one word answer or a less-than-5-letter-word!!

I feel like a loser for typing so much :(

The most crucial one?? *evil face*

Me: HI!!
Person: *Person is offline*

HAHAHAHAHAAHA!! Just kidding.

The one pet peeve in MSN people does that I really cannot stand is.......I don't like it when people type so seriously yet I also don't like it when people type too simple.

I know...I know, I'm such a picky person :(

Me: So are you going to the fair tomorrow? I am :D heheh
Person: No.
Me: Why? :(
Person: I can't.
Me: Why can't??
Person: Because my father don't let. No transport home.
Me: Oh....I bring you home la!
Person: No, I can't. I'm going somewhere else with my family. Maybe next time.

Notice the lack of smileys? Notice the full stops everywhere?? Man, it's like attending an English lesson -_-

But then again, this is a personal I don't know about you guys.

Actually, to be honest, I don't dislike simplified msn messages that much compared to serious msn messages.

It's like they are trying to prove two things:

1) It is cool if I type like that :)

Or how about this

2) I must be "hebat/i-chi-bang/excellent" in the way I type so the person who's chatting with me will know how awesome my english is!!

That's just the way I think but hey, a lot of English educated people I know type just like normal MSN peepos and I love it that way :)

Why must we chat so seriously in MSN anyway? Use the smileys (of coz not too much), use the nice font, use your favourite colour as well and of course, chat like free people!

Why so serious???

Did the picture scare you?'s meant to. >:)


  1. same thing on innit.

  2. HAHAH exactly! Why so serious :P

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  4. Maybe they are doing something else but did not mention? Or they are just bored nerdy one. haha!!
    I'm with you, but sometime others just can used to be like us - CUTE!! * PEACE * =]

  5. mou yam kung....this kind of person just delete him/her la..hahah! >.<

  6. why so serious? (:

  7. LOL It's called Windows Live Messenger now lah wei! :P

  8. HAHAHAHH! damn, high 5 wey!! :P

  9. i agree too! cool entry! =)

  10. Omg i hate the two types of people too! HAHA

  11. Oh! I also dislike the one with oh and the why so serious?! especially if in texts message. No way will I text that person anymore if it happens. XP

  12. hahahah! exactly how i feel about people who take forever to reply and those insincere chatters! *clicks BLOCK person and live happily ever after*

  13. haha yaloo i like smileys.XDXD btw the pic is really scary><lol


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