Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mr Antibiotic

Meet my enemy. "It" sounds like a he so I shall refer to it as a he. Plus, it looks like a he as well. Confused?? Oh well...

Do welcome....

Mr Antibiotic!! aka Mr A.A (Mr Army Antibiotic)

*Yes, I love exaggerating my posts ^_^ and doodling on the pictures and no, I don't find it time consuming because if you have the heart to do it, you won't find it a hassle*

SEE!!! Doesn't it look like a HE?? Especially with that green-black coloured coat that reminds me of a soldier!! *nods*

It smells and that smell stinks. I never liked eating antibiotics even when I was a kid D:

So much hassle over a tiny antibiotic... *shakes head*

These are what I have beside me when I take my antibiotics. A cup of cold herbal tea and warm water ^_^

I first take my antibiotics together with water and right after I shallow it, I take a sip of herbal tea to kill the taste of antibiotics! (Very detailed indeed)

Sorry, pills are just not my thing. Heheheh~


  1. I dont like pills too! I would ask for syrup if the doctor allows :p

  2. see? i told you i check already! xD
    i hate pills by the way. i prefer the syrup even though it taste suckish.


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