Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's a ho-ho bento!

What makes you go HO! HO! HO!?

Answer: Ho-ho bento! ^_^

Yep!! I finally tried out the food at Ho-ho bento! Ho-ho bento is a little coffee shop that serves Japanese cuisine. I wouldn't consider it as authentic though - it tastes a little Chinese, if you know what I mean.

I didn't make bentos (well, I did make one but it looks like crap and it's definitely not appealing) so I've always wanted to try out bentos! I know escapade serves a lot of bentos but I never bothered trying it out due to Tomyam Udon.

In comparison to Tomyam Udon, bento just looks plain. -_-

I know, I know...Christmas is over but these pictures were taken on Christmas Eve :)

Usually, people would either stay at home and cook some food ala western style - turkey, roast beef and all that or either go out to eat ala western style - hotels or ala chinese style, seafood. (that's my pick though)

Since I'm a Chinese, my first pick would be SEAFOOD if I'm eating out...

But not that's Japanese cuisine for me :)

Other than trying out Ho-ho bento, my other mission was to trim my fringe looks unruly~

Outfit of the day :)

SEE! I dared to wear the tee I DIY-ed! @ LINK

Sorry, Miri has no fancy schmancy decorations (or maybe I didn't see them) so I had to settle for an abandoned hot air balloon-ed Santa and his friends aka Mr Snowman and Mr Christmas Tree...

And when I say abandoned, I meant seriously abandoned.

I have no Christmas tree back home :(

My grandma threw the small one away....

So, I guess I will have to settle for this tall and handsome looking tree xD

Sooo many Christmas trees and abandoned hot air balloon Santas that night...

The light on the trees glimmered so beautifully that I couldn't resist taking pictures of it/with it! :D

One hot air balloon-ed Santa was flattened!! The horror!! It's Christmas Eve yo...where's your christmas spirit, by-passers?

Me and adorable hot air ballooned Santa who looks really happy ^_^

At Ho-ho bento!! It looks like a normal fast food place which almost reminded me of KFC, no??

But....ain't the snowflakes pretty? It definitely gives a "Christmas feel". :)

My bento set priced @Rm 9.90 ^_^

When I first saw it, I got a little disappointed because the portions were so little but boy, was I wrong...

I forgot the name of my dish..again... -_-

I just know it's bento something something with chicken terriyaki! I love terriyaki sauce ♥ It tastes awesome!! There's just something special about that sweet + savoury taste *nods*

As usual, I didn't eat the salad :P

I left that for my grandma...hehehe!!

My brother's Kidzu Bento @ Rm 6.90 w/ a free drink of your choice!

I'm gonna DIG IN!!!! *RAWR* I meant, "HO! HO! HO!"

Like the red nosed Santa I doodled? :P

So...this chicken wing kinda surprised me a little because I don't usually see fried chicken in Japanese cuisine...

BUT OMG!! It tastes HEAVENLY!! Seriously. The filling was so om nom nom good!! It looks like a regular fried chicken but heck, it certainly doesn't taste like one!

When I bit into the crunchy chicken skin, I tasted something extraordinary...the filling tastes something like mashed chicken + potato + some kind of sauce = MMMMM!!

It tastes that good, trust me ^_^

Overall, I think Ho-ho bento is great for people who like Japanese + fast food = Jap fast food *nods*

I like fast food and I love Japanese cuisine which results in me loving Ho-ho bento ♥ (Plus the name is so catchy!)

So...I trimmed my fringe...and it looks kinda mushroom-y to me..

The guy who cut my fringe was oh-so-adorable! He looks like a Chinese and I thought he was one so I spoke Chinese to him the WHOLE TIME.

I actually asked for my fringe to remain the same style BUT shorter...I guess he misunderstood what I said and made it china-doll straight.

Me: Duan yi-dian *shorter please in chinese*
Guy: HAH? *blur faced*
Me: Duan? *do straight action*
Guy: :O ??

And only then, I knew he didn't know how to speak chinese -_-

Honestly, I kinda feel like an ah-lian in this kind of hair-style with those huge hair on top and little hair at the bottom T_T

Which is why...I have a love-hate relationship with my fringe.

I love it because it's actually the kind of fringe I want SO BADLY even though I couldn't sport it because my hair dresser says I'm a square-faced.

I hate it because.....I look ah-lian-ish and refer back to "why I love it"

ANYWAYS! I'm back in Brunei now...and I'm so so so so worried because my mum is talking about my "future" O level results!!

Anything to do with O level worries me! T____T

I think I'm so gonna faint when O level results come out.


  1. I know where that place is, merdeka mall! I went there last week and it was sort of empty :p Yr fringe is alright (:

  2. nice one! love ur shirt hehehe :D and your fringe is okay what :)

  3. love the tee !! and i somehow like your new fringe hahahaa

  4. yea girl.your hair is a lil bit mushroomy

  5. Merry Christmas to u in Miri!!

  6. merry christmas to you...

  7. I LIKE your hair! Especially when you tie it up! So don't worry! XD HEHE from the title, I thought you made a Christmas Bento -_-"

  8. Merry Christmas! The bento is so cute :)

  9. looking cute with the fringe. hehe no worries it'll grow longer

  10. i like your hair :D
    and the bento looks so nice~ oo... i'm hungry now :p

  11. Lily you look so KIYUTE with the straight fringe! :D And the bento's so cheap leh! Looks good too.

  12. You seriously wears that. but seriously looks nice lor..yengness!

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