Saturday, December 04, 2010

I have hello kitties on my nails!

*Small joke*

Doraemon talks to Hello Kitty. Why doesn't Hello Kitty reply?
Because hello kitty has no mouth! :D

HEHEH. Ok. Not funny.


Harro lovely people!!!

There is a reason why I used Harro instead of Hello heheh and it's not because I want to act-cute okay!

Hello Kitty was originally designed by a woman named Yuko Shimizu and it is known as ハローキティ, Harō Kiti to the Japanese! I decided to call it Haro Kiti to keep the authenticity of Hello Kitty's origin 0:)

Just in case for some people who don't know who Hello Kitty is....

(Seriously, if you don't know who hello kitty is, you deserve a big fat smack!!)


Adorable to look at right? :D

I always wondered why the designer didn't create a mouth for Hello Kitty...

This is why - A spokesperson for Sanrio says that Hello Kitty is not normally given a mouth because "without the mouth, it is easier for the person looking at Hello Kitty to project their feelings onto the character" and that "the person can be happy or sad together with Hello Kitty."

I think that's a very good reason!! So if I want Hello Kitty to be upset, I will just visualize that she's upset right now and vice versa when I'm happy. Mweheheheh!!

There is a reason why Hello Kitty is the main topic of today's blog the title says..

YUP! I have hello kitties on my nails!


I know it's messy T__T

When I held the nail art brush on my hand, I was fidgeting the whole time as it was my first time playing with it...

It was even worst when I had to paint my left hand! I'm a left handed my right hand was unstable most of the time and hence, resulting in lots of deformed little hello kitties :P

The nail polishes I used to create this nail art.

The yellow and bright pink ones belong to Jiayee! Thanks for lending them to me! :)

I used heart shaped blings as well...for it's...middle part of the bow or however you call that.

It's my first time taking pictures of my nails outside! Natural lighting is so beautiful!

Got to love the sunshine.

PEACE! I meant..."Meowrrr!"

Hey, did you guys realized that my favicon is a hello kitty as well? It has been there since March if you guys actually noticed! :D *the icon near my blog title on your tab page*

I can't say I'm a big fan of hello kitty as I don't go crazy about collecting the hello kitty collectibles and stuff...the only hello kitty collectibles I have is a pencil box/make-up pouch. *shy*

I *♥* Hello Kitty/HK/Hong Kong

Editing pictures like these kind are so FUN!!!! Adding the hearts and all just to make the picture appear more kawaii-looking! :D

Surprisingly, the hello kitty on my right hand thumb is less deformed compared to the hello kitty on my left thumb. Weird :/

Right hand thumb is a hello kitty girl version. Left hand thumb is a hello kitty boy version with a pink bow added to it! (Usually hello kitty boys don't have bows. They have blue outfits)


The bow is SUPER deformed here but...hey hey hey, this was the best one so far since it actually looks like Hello Kitty ^_^


A talking Hello Kitty!! HARH??!?


  1. Ohhhhh, so kawaii! I want harro kitties on my nails too ):

  2. ohh~ nice one though it's a bit messy, but at least, it's still kitty! great job~

  3. I'm left handed too! :)
    Cute hello kitties :D ur good at nail art!

  4. so cute... u r good in manicure.. :)

  5. Cute! too bad im a guy lol.

  6. yer...draw for me can ma?!? I suka leh..i mau pikachiu de..xD

  7. wow you must have put a lot of effort in drawing it...nice =)

  8. THIS IS FREAKING CUTE!!! imma cut off ur nails and stick on mine!

  9. you did this yourself ?! AWESOME !

  10. wow cool! i love hello kitty too =)

  11. LOL omg y so cute one haha

  12. just a mild correction: hello kitty was created by a japanese company (not man) called sanrio and her designer was a jap lady called yuko shimizu. sorry had to point that out 'cos i'm a big hello kitty fan and felt i needed to correct that mistake.

  13. so cute !hello kitty !

  14. Oh! Thanks for the info! Just changed it ;)


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