Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Tang Yuan Day!!

Today is "Happy Tang Yuan" Day!!! Or in other words, *coff* the formal way - "Happy Winter Solstice!"

I personally prefer to call it Happy Tang Yuan Festival because I can speak Chinese and I'm proud of it! I'm not a yellow banana! B)

Soooo, have any of you eaten tang yuans yet? I heard from my grandma that the number of tang yuans you eat should be equivalent to your actual age which means...if I'm seventeen now, I should eat seventeen balls!

That's insane O_O and if my grandma is 60+, that means she should eat 60 balls! Of course she didn't eat that much and neither do I. I ate only one this year! :)

I'm not a big fan of tang yuans heheh cause like I said before, sweet stuff ain't my thing~


I love to make them! ♥

The dough required to make lots and lots of glutinous rice balls!!


Since I'm done rolling up the dough and shaping them into round balls, I decided to fiddle a bit with the leftover dough...

Fyi, I do not know how to write grandmother guided me to write the word "湯圓" and I just copied what she wrote...heheh!!

It was fun!

This year, we made dry glutinous rice balls with groud peanuts, again. T_T

I like the soup version tastes much more nicer and sweet!

The little tang yuans basking in the jacuzzi B)

Make way for the King of all Tang Yuans!! You know he is the king (again, "it" sounds like a he, I am such a sexist) when he have the word "湯圓" tattooed on his body!

You can't even see the word "湯圓" anymore -_-

As you can see, the tang yuans came out as a beautiful shade of orange! Too bad they weren't pink, I like green coloured ones though! They look like pandan flavoured tang yuans! :D

This looks like a fried nugget...hmm...or a fried tongue?? *evil*

The end product! :D

It's made with love~

Homemade tang yuan, crispy on the outside...

But soft and chewy on the inside!! *Just like me* 0:) JK.

This year, I learnt my lesson and made the tang yuans smaller...hehe!! So they were chew-able indeed :)

Have fun eating Tang Yuans with your family, peeps!


  1. mine is instant. easy. xD

  2. OOHH!! I'd like to try the dry ones! I ate something like that before in KL but I'm not sure whether they are Tang Yuans or not!

  3. seem like machi leh !!!happy tang yuan jie ;p

  4. Looks yummaayyy! ;D

  5. It is so tempting.. *drooling*

  6. Oooh your peanut tang yuans look like mochi! <3 I think I only had 3 or 4 this year lol, all pink ones :D And I still remember your tang yuan post from last year!! *loyal reader* Happy Tang Yuan Festival Lily!

  7. wow fried tang yuan nv tried that before.. looks yum :)

  8. Looks delicious. I eat Tang Yuan with red bean soup :)

  9. wow! i like urs! i love dry tong yuen! xD

  10. so cute..with the flat long tang yuan sumore...

  11. LMAO at ur grandma joke. hahah. lucky im only 16.

  12. cute and bouncy looking! i like dry one though c:

  13. nice! happy winter solstice and christmas!


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