Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Great minds think alike


I'm at Miri right now in my grandmother's room and blogging at 2 AM. I am oh-so-rajin! My sleep-time is back to normal, which is really sad if you ask me.

But I'm going to try my very best to be in bed by 3 AM :)

ANYWAYS! I'm at Miri at the moment because....as usual just like last year and the previous years, I'm here because around this time my mum would always go travelling with my dad for their anniversary. JOKING!!

They don't even have one. -_-

But the travelling part was real lah!

Okay, I was chatting with Michee just now...heh heh heh

Like my title says, "Great minds think alike"

Do note: My blog title always has something to do with my blog posts :)

Fullscreen capture 1272010 15354 AM.bmp

Double click on it! It will lead you to flickr and just click on the picture once more and voila! You can see it in a bigger version.

P/S: Did you realize that our display pictures kinda look alike? Our heads are tilted the same way! We are so similar that it's scary.

By the way, I don't mean any harm about the "You can be the black one" comment. It's just an inside joke for both of us :D No racism or sort!

And the "Knuckle" thing is sort of a random action for both of us when we agree on something. HAHAHA!! Basically, it's an inside joke for both of us!!

Fullscreen capture 1272010 15942 AM.bmp

Yesh. Anubis!!!

Alright, confused about who Anubis is?

He's seriously the God of Sims hair. I am not joking.

Check out some of the stuff he created for Sims 3:

I swear each time I look at these hair, I go crazy, really crazy.

Crazy things I do-that-are-not-really-crazy-but-a-bit-aggressive: I smack my brother in the stomach and exclaim "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"/ I pull my brother's shirt and go "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"



AIN'T IT BEAUTIFUL? Those shiny textures! Beautiful and natural romantic waves!

Anubis is a genius. He even created a tongue piercing for Simmies!! I downloaded it already *smug-face*

BUT!!!!!!!!!!! I can't play Sims 3 at the moment. Okay, I can play but I don't want to. Because ALL MY SIMS 3 CUSTOM CONTENT IS GONE!! IT just won't appear T_______T

And I am terribly devastated over it.

Because!!! If you do not even have one bit of Sims 3 custom content in your Sims 3 = YOU ARE NOT A SIM PLAYER. QUIT IMMEDIATELY.

I am serious.

Custom content is the eyes of sims. You download it to make your sim look more real, more beautiful and of course, let's not forget the clothes, make-up, lots, furnishing and ESPECIALLY MODS.

I'm sure some of you will think like this: "What the hell are mods??"

Mods are gifts from Sim World. I'm just kidding, no really, they are GIFTS from makers of the mods.

They are changes to the game, for the BETTER. With these mods you can make adult sims have romantic interactions with teenage sims and vice versa. You can even make your teenage sims preggo.

Is this possible in Sims 2? I doubt so!

But with mods, it's possible!!

You can even hire a 24/7 maid, remove those annoying mosaic that covers the private parts of your simmies (I did that ^_^), gain skills faster(cooking, reading stuff like that), make sexier bodies for your simmies, nicer outfits for your pregnant sims and SO ON!!


Don't these simmies look beautiful??

And please ah, they're not photoshopped or drawn okay, they are REAL sims. With mods and slider hacks, these are POSSIBLE!!!!

Yep!!! Dolly looking sims are possible. *nods profusely* Just download the right eyes, make-up, awesome mod and slider hack!

Please don't get confused by what I'm saying heheh

That hair is so bloody nice that I immediately clicked download. I think I downloaded more than 10 of Anubis's sims hairs.

Damn!! One hair is about 5 megabyte and 10 hair is = 50 MB!! My poor laptop's space.


SO kawaii looking!!!

Thanks to AwesomeMod, I killed my Sims 3 custom content. I will have to wait till I come back to Brunei and get my Sims 3 cd from Pearl huhu T_____T

I hate myself for using the Awesomemod!!!

I just found out you can create extra sliders without using Awesomemod!!

Oh, sorry, I forgot to explain that AwesomeMod is 1-in-everything.

It contains well, "awesome MODS". Yes. Lots of mods combined together which is why every sims 3 fans are downloading it. At first I wasn't convinced to download it because I was worried my computer would crash or I would lose all my custom stuff and guess what?

It did crash and I lost my custom stuff.


I managed to fixed the crash problem but I did not manage to make all the custom stuff appear in my sims 3. I feel like a loser seriously.

"We are the losers~~~~~~~~~"

Yes yes yes, I'm whining and very upset over this because I personally love Sims a lot and am a very big fan of it.

LE SIGH!! My only hope is that I hope I still remember how to download and fix all those crack and stuff for my Sims and custom content.

Perhaps a miracle will happen? I will finally be able to solve my missing custom content problem? Yes?

I doubt anyone will help but....in case any of you who read this are Sims 3 experts, please tell me what I should do! Or better yet, help me!!

I have never been this desperate before. T_____T

Google wasn't a big help this time. You disappointed me, Google! My love for you has just decreased....to 1 percent!! So my remaining love for you is 99 percent.

Alright, I'm just entertaining myself.

But, I seriously hope for something good to happen. Downloading all these custom content do me no use unless I find a way to make my custom content appear in the game.

Alright, ta ta! It's time for me to sleep! :D

P/S: Do check out Anubis's blog if you're a big fan of Sims!! His custom content will KILL YOU!!

Did I forget to mention that Anubis is a HE???

Just take a look at his stuff!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL. I can't believe he's a male. Tell me why the world is changing now....all the great chefs are males and all the great sims 3 creators are males as well.

*shakes head*


  1. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Can you like link us to those hairs? It's not nice to wave stuff in peoples faces then take it away!! >.<

    1. Teehee! Sorry anonymous! http://anubis360.blogspot.com/ Here it is :)

  2. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Lovin it! You just got yourself a new fan love your blog btw. Oh ya and I'm in South-Africa! Your blog is an internasional success :D


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