Friday, December 10, 2010

The Curious Case of Mister Mousy

Short note: My little brother bought this cute little bread shaped like a mouse from a bakery few days back! I couldn't resist but take a few pictures with it before it ended up in my bro' tummy xD

Meet Mister Mousy! Cute, fat, fleshy and has chocolatey eyes, mouth and whiskers! Let's not forget it's cute little red cheeks!

Mister Mousy seems to be talking quite a lot and is quite a show-off indeed...

We all know you're cute Mister Mousy...

I didn't plan on eating Mister Mousy actually but when I turned to look at his tail...

It tempted me. It smells like chocolate. Seriously.

So, I bit it off ^_^

I'm done taking pictures with Mister Mousy, now it's time to devour that smooth and firm and chubby body of his!!

Don't cry Mister Mousy, we can't keep you forever right?

You will get moldy and smelly if we keep you longer! No one likes that, don't they? No one will want to smell or touch you by then!!

*Mister Mousy seemed a little convinced*

And so this is the unfortunate life of Mister Mousy.

I love you Mister Mousy. You tasted like tou-sa. (red-bean)

*rubs my brother's tummy*

And I named it The Curious Case of Mister Mousy because like Benjamin Button, Mister Mousy started big and ended up small. (GEDDIT?? Cause we ate him little by little mweheheheh!!!)


  1. So cute! How old is yr brother?

  2. ahahha..the bread is so cute! So is your brother :D

  3. hahahahaa first time seeing a bread that blushes!

  4. Cutie Bread~ I wanna eat!! XD

  5. i want it tooo ! ! ! dare u let him took it all... :((

  6. woo.. cute bread n bro~

  7. omggg this is so cute :)

  8. cute bread and cute bro too! haha!

  9. wah..cute.. if i buy the bun.. i will not eat it.. i wil put on my desk.. :P then sniff it once in a while :P

  10. woooooooooo bun!

  11. omg, kawaii max!! xD

  12. Cute bread! :DD but I hate tousa. -___-
    spoil the cuteness :3


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