Saturday, January 01, 2011

Ciao 2010, Hola there 2011!

I'm writing this post at the strike of 12 o'clock (seriously!!) so...


I can't believe it's a brand new year already! I'm so pumped up for the year of 2011 because it's the start of something NEW! :D

I won't disclose what I'm going to do soon (just in case I don't get to do it :P)

But here's a summary of what I will be doing in 2011!

- I'm taking my driving law test in Sibu, which is what I'm currently doing now...I'm still studying for it though! First things first...

- I'm gonna go KL on the 26th of January (Ok, this is confirmed since I bought the tickets already :P) and it will only be a 4-day trip! But I consider it as a vacation because I haven't been to KL since I was, 11 or 12? And I'm seventeen now! SE-VEN-TEEN!!

Well, that's about it.

The rest...*heh heh heh* I will spill them out when I get everything done!

In short, I hope that 2011 will be an awesome year!! I'm sure there will be down moments but heck, I want my UP moments to be more than my DOWN moments! Amen to that.

So here's a summary of my 2010! :)

P/S: They are NOT in order!

- I am officially a GLEEK ever since I started watching Glee for the first time! It is so inspiring :)

- I think that Inception is one the best movies that I have ever watched! You can suck on that, Inception haters!!

- Attended my school prom and it was ONE of the highlights of 2010! Everyone looked amazing :) It was definitely a night to remember...

I would have never thought I would wear this turquoise coloured number...and a short one too! At the start of the year, I have always expected myself to don a long dress to prom...look what happened :P

I shall learn to...expect less. Spontaneity rocks!

- Joined SAS's Entrepreneurship Fair for the first time!! (And earned a huge profit :D)

Our (Me, Maria, Michee and Sabena) stall's name is called "Bite Me!" and we focus on selling sweet delicacies!

Cool eh ;) *the name I mean*

One of the craziest...*points to Maria holding the knife :P


Look at the time! We worked like bumblebees that night! We had to leave Maria's house by 6.30 am since her house was an hour's drive from school...which means we have to wake up by 5.30 am!! And we only went to sleep at 3.30 am T______T

Too much work to be done...and I got sick of chocolate after that event, FOR WEEKS!

So choco-holics, you know what to do..*coughs*

Our stall :D

It was a great experience though even thought it was really tiring but it was ALL worth it :D

- I got super obsessed with Barbie at one point that I refused to go out of the house....I rather spend the whole day watching Barbie in my room...alone! What a loner :P

You can read my Barbie post @ here

- Joined Nuffnang somewhere in the middle of the year and yes, you can ACTUALLY earn money through blogging! I also fiddled around with Innit and made a few blogger friends :D

- I started to play around with Adobe Photoshop a little DOODLING!

I still haven't got a tablet yet...but hey, a mouse is still alright! I shall learn to be more content with the things I have!

Click to see my doodles!

You can visit my Tumblr to view more of my doodles. I mostly post them there because less people view it! HAHAHA yeah I'm weird like that.

Click on the "Doodle" section to lead yourself to my doodles :)

I'm gonna go cuckoo if I have to type out doodle once more...

- Joined Friendship Day!

By join, I meant - YOU paying $2 and sporting casual clothes/national clothes or anything that doesn't look "School-ish"

Since it was my last year, I decided to be "cool" and don national costumes with my friends! I was a Korean that day :P HAHAHA!!!


The girlies in my class!

- Participated in one of the events of my school's annual sports day (Discus)

HAHAHA yeah, entertaining photo eh!

I looked really red and scorched...and again, I didn't apply sunblock so when Sports Day ended, I looked like a completely different person. Bye tan, Hello *inserts shiny* brown! -_-

Honestly speaking, each time I think about sports day, I get a little upset because of what happened. I didn't get any place.

I get so upset when people tell me to try harder, you can do it and all that encouraging stuff and all because I really did give in my best effort to do my very best and alas...after weeks and weeks of practicing, I still SUCK at it.

At one point, I really felt like a loser. A true blue loser with a "LOSER" stamped on her forehead.

I don't like people going, "Oh, it's okay" cause in reality, it's not okay.

Okay okay *wipe tears* no more emo post, alright?

- Went to a spa for the first time! (Thanks to Maria!)

(And I didn't know that you were actually supposed to be *gasp* naked! *inside la duh*)

- Changed my blog link from Illusion-heartx to 27lily! Reason: here

- I cooked a lot more this year! Thanks to recipes I found online! These are the food I made :)

Wantan prawns

Italian nachos


And the failed one : my so called Laksa HAHAHAHA

- Visited KACA (A centre for handicapped children if I'm not wrong)

Me and Jia Pin's "kid"

Spotted this Paul the Octopus look-a-like and started strangling it because personally, I DO not believe that it is a psychic -_-

After visiting it, I thought a lot more and decided to engage in "STOP USING THE R-WORD"

FYI, the R word means retarded.

It sounds stupid when someone smart uses it so don't be stupid enough to use it :)

Don't call yourself retarded when you're NOT. Or someone else. It's rude and plain mean.

Stop using the R-word NOW! :)


This has got to be THE IT-THING of 2010!! I am soooooooooooo glad that it's over but thinking about the results freak me out!! Especially when I had that terrible dream T_T why oh why~

- Dyed my hair for the 1st time! :)

- I graduated from my school of 12 years, St Andrew's School, Brunei Darussalam. :)

I'm no longer a high-school student! :*)

- I have friends that make me happy

And best friends who's there for me, listen to all the shit that I have to say, laugh about the small things in life...

I met them when I was in Form 1

and lookie here, after 5 years..look how we turned out :)

Cause I know that and you know wouldn't be the same when someone else exclaims out "Is that a man...or a woman?" :P

Cheers to a brand new year! 2010 was actually a great year for me despite a few downs here and there but hey, that's life to me!

2011, you're gonna be an AWESOME year and no, I wouldn't wanna be that person who hopes for 2011 to be a better year because instead of hoping, I wanna MAKE it a year full of GOOD memories :)

My resolution of the year is...

"To make my parents proud and be less of a burden to them"

Because honestly, I have the BEST parents in the world...because when I think back of all the things they have done for me...I really can't ask for a better family than them.


  1. I want to cry reading time flies! =(
    But good memories~ good memories~

  2. you definitely look awesome in that gown :)

  3. good luck in your driving law test and Happy New Year

  4. happy new year liliannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! xD

  5. Happy New Year! see u soon! hahah

  6. Happy New Year! Nice blue gown!

  7. Glad to see that you have fun in 2010! :)
    more excitement waiting for you in 2011!

  8. wad a great year you had!good luck in your 2011!

  9. U look amazing weh! And I love ur hair! <3

  10. i love everything your post! especially you in the korean costume...^^

  11. ARG!!!! I want that blue dress!


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