Thursday, November 04, 2010

You're my furrry lover

So, today I chatted to my mum during dinner about my plans after Form 5.

Me: *pats her hand*
Mum: What??
Me: I wanna go Form 6.
Mum: *shocked yet happy-with-a-twisted-smile*
Mum: HUH! That means I still have to look after you ah?? *She's denying it*
Me: JUST KIDDING! I don't want to take Form 6.
Mum: *Twisted smile immediately disappears*

I know she will miss me! My mum kinda forced me to take Form 6 after I graduate...but I don't wanna take it unless I have to...

I just checked my O level timetable and WOO!! 6 more subjects to go! But they're the crucial ones. Add math and Biology...yep.

People CANNOT regret taking Geography instead of Add Math cause I remember I had a semi-mental breakdown whilst I was doing Add Math revision alone....and I went crazy!! Not to mention, it was a day before my add math test.

Geo is still the best. Sometimes, I wonder if I should have just took Geo instead of Add least I can guarantee myself an A if I took it. A Math may be called "A" math but it ain't easy to get an A in A math.

Ok, lame.

MY LAPTOP's wallpaper at the moment! Cute hooooorrrr?? :D


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