Thursday, November 18, 2010


Got this picture from Michums!


When I saw this picture, my first reaction was like, "OMG!!!!!!!"

Cause it looks so so so so so so wrong. And let's not forget my don't-take-a-picture-of-me-doing-something-wrong expression T____T

UPDATE: One more paper and we're I'm FREE from the school and free from high school life. Honestly, I feel SO EXCITED!

I don't know if I feel sad cause I don't feel that way, yet. We shall seeeeeeeee!!


Check out this mouse!! If I didn't tell you it was a mouse at first, what would you think it was? A toy car?

HAHA! I saw it this morning near the desktop computer but I didn't actually took notice of it until I saw my dad using it.

O! :O

So, it's a mouse!! I thought it was one of my brother's know...little kids and their stuff. (My bro's more interested in cooking sets and dolls! HALP!)

Cool stuff :D Too bad it's not mine. My parents bought it for RM 11! Good buy, isn't it? Who cares about the quality? I rather use a cheap mouse that lasts for a year (My el cheapo mouse is quite good okay? It lasted for a year before it conked out)

All gadgets die out. Duh. Even my laptop will. Soon. Correction. Not soon. Never. Please don't die, Poppy. (JK, it doesn't have a name) I love you. *hugs computer*

I still want a Hello Kitty mouse! ^_^ I'm just too lazy to find one so if I did manage to find one, I will blog about it, ok? :D

Till then amigos!

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