Monday, November 01, 2010

Nancy Drew!


I haven't been blogging much heheh but it's understandable cause it's O levels. Oh well! Good news is - it's ending in 19 more days! Woo hoo!!

Although, honestly speaking, I do like how I can sleep and wake up late cause O levels are in the afternoon :D

Anyways, I'm still online and most of the time, I am online...looking for walkthroughs for my Nancy Drew game. Yes, instead of busy studying, I'm playing Nancy Drew! SO awesome right??

Yes! Lately, I'm back to Nancy Drew games ^^

THEY LIED! They said it's fit for girls aged from 10-14 but in my opinion, I think it's suitable for girls older than that -_-

This is the game I'm playing now! The Legend of the Crystal Skull.

I didn't expect it to be creepy but hoo boy, it is creepy :(

Walking around cemeteries, bayous and exploring creepy places at night (why is it always at night huh? I never get to see the sun!) while it's raining T_____T

WITH THUNDERSTORMS!! Not a good combination, seriously.

Not to mention, that place is so dim and filled with glass eyes and.....dolls. (Yuck)

That's why I prefer to switch to Bess! Bess is Nancy's best friend and you can play her too by just calling her with your cellphone!

The place where she's at is much more cheerful and you can eat Gumbo too! (Which I always eat and of course, added some chili to it! Yum yum yum, I'm hungry now)

Here's the trailer!

I was reading some of the youtube-rs comments and they're so funny!! They think that Henry Bolet is a hottie. FYI, if you watched the vid, it's that gothic-looking guy who looks like Adam Lambert.

I haven't solve the game yet...I'm halfway there thanks to......the walkthroughs.

I swear, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE without a walk through, it's crazy, I tell you! Some of the puzzles don't make sense *sniff* And I'm in Junior Detective Mode again...

This is my 3rd Nancy Drew game :D I played two other before, one's the Curse of The Blackmoor Manor which I blogged about 2 years back or a year (wow, time flies) and I didn't solve it because it was far too creepy!!!

Then, I played The Secret of The Old clock and I solved the mystery!

However, it was quite, it's a bit scary too. All of Nancy Drew's games are scary, I dunno why...I guess it's cause of the suspense it's giving you and let's not forget, the eerie music playing at the background..

BUT!!!! I wanted to play this particular Nancy Drew game so badly!! Heard the latest features Nancy Drew in Japan! OMG! I want! :D

Since it's the latest, they don't sell it in Brunei yet...bummer.

Here's the trailer of the game I wanted to play so badly!

LOOKS INTERESTING!! Social cliques, private boarding school, snooty girls...

EEEK!! I want T_____T

I'm gonna collect all of the games...hehehe

OH! Not all though, some of them are old versions and can only be played in Windows XP -_-

Alright, blog next time :)


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