Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Like a lightning bolt, your heart will blow

Hmm...I'm a bit (very maybe) late in sharing this but hey, better late than never!

Just watched this just now since I was busy searching for songs to listen to while doing Add Math...somehow, songs actually make me concentrate in my studies! Actually, to be precise, ONLY when I'm doing mathematical work.

Other than that, it will be hard.

Alright....I was amazed by one part in the video - the part where the guy kissed the other guy. That was amazing! Other than the fact that the guy's really good looking and all, that act was BRAVE!!!

I'm sure Katy Perry's new video will inspire a lot of people to walk out of the dark and you know *cliche line* let their colours burst!! ♥

But I will be honest, I don't really like seeing guys kissing guys, I'm sorry :( - that smiley looks pathetic so ignore that.

I can say that I don't like seeing them kissing one another but I'm fine with guys loving guys and girls loving girls. I know that I'm only stressing on the "gay" issue other than the rest of the video because frankly, I always think like this - If you choose to be like that, you got to accept and deal with what you chose.

If they choose to be fat, oh well, it's up to them so they stay that way. If you choose to be fat and people call you fat and you get offended, hell, show it to them that you can be as fit as them too! Bur if you're comfortable with the way you are, stay that way :)

No one can EVER bring you down when you believe in yourself :)

People who are gays or lesbians do NOT choose to be gays/lesbian, I'm pretty sure that's true. They just can't help it! Same goes for people who have sicknesses and all...

And this suddenly brings me to the point -

I hate it when people call normal people retarded. I HATE IT. I always feel so sorry for kids or adults who have down syndrome because it's not what they want. I just feel so upset when I look at them the way they are.

They did not choose to be like that and can you imagine how life would be for them, when they grow up??

You think it's cool to use the word retarded? Oh yeah, using the word retarded definitely makes you look "in".


You look so RETARDED!!
It's not like that la, are you retarded or what??
What??? That's so retarded man.

Or, the easiest way - RETARD.

FILTHY WORD. Filthy, filthy word.

Have you actually seen the people who truly have mental problems? Well, I guess you haven't. Cause if you did and you still say the word retarded, dude, you're just PLAIN MEAN.

No, you know what? I'm mean too.


Happy?? Yes, that's for all you people who say "Retards/Retarded" and use it as if it's the new "fuck"'s nicer if you don't keep staring at people who have down syndrome. Sometimes, I see them around the places I hang out or shop at, truth is, they don't really know if you're staring and all, but honestly, it will be more polite if you don't stare. :)

Sometimes, I just want to strangle my little brother for laughing at them but what to do, he's a kid??

But, if you're an adult, that's DIFFERENT. Life would be better if the word "retarded" don't exist. Who created that word anyway? For whoever did, he or she is not a person. He/she is a non-existent I-d-k what.

I won't use *it* because animals deserved to be love too :)

ANYWAYS!! You know what I can't stop myself from doing all the time?

I will say - I really cannot resist eating bad food. Lately, I have been skipping a lot of my dinners because I either don't like the food or it's cause I'm too picky. Yes, I am picky and I don't like that.

I feel like a I'm a royal pain in the ass to my mum and sometimes, I really wish she could know that I feel bad about it! But she doesn't read my blog, does she? That isn't such a serious issue compared to gays and lesbians but that's the only thing I can't stop myself from..

This is one picture I found in Lucy's blog that is really inspiring! She's a bi-curious - yes, she's a bisexual and she's pretty PRETTY :)

You should check out her tumblr sometime, she posts really inspiring messages and she supports gay rights and oh, she's a vegan!

It's so hard for me to be vegan and seeing as I'm such a food lover, forget it. I'm not that noble but anyways,

Fullscreen capture 11102010 70512 AM.bmp

I have a lot more to say about this...but I think I will skip out this part for the time being, I would continue about it some other time when my brain is more refreshed :)

HAPPY NEWS!! Exams are ending in a couple of weeks! A week and 2 days to be exact!! Yeeeppp!! I'm not gonna burn my books!! 0:)

Excited. *grits teeth*

I'm gonna go Lookbook 24/7 cause I'm a lookbook addict B)

Aiyah, I get addicted to stuff very quickly, remember Barbie? It's a little sad that I don't have the time to watch it - even if I have the time, I'd go lookbook or watch TV!

Ahh, another thing I would like to share :) This is a personal pet peeve of mine:

Fullscreen capture 11102010 70942 AM.bmp
HELL YEAH!! Finally, there's someone blogging about this! I thought I'm the one of the few weirdos who hate that since there are MILLIONS of people doing this and to be honest, it's really annoying.

Just read the whole chunk of paragraph. It's what I wanna say. Hehehehe *evil cat smile* Again, I got that from Lucy!

Alright, this post is a little ranty I know...but I'm expressing my thoughts! And these are my thoughts! Guess what??

I think I got my blogging mojo back!! Hoo-hoo-hoo..


US GIRLS :D in my old 5s2 classroom...

I kind of miss sitting and being IN the classroom now!!

Anyways, I got this picture from Pearl Hii, my sister from another mother! HAHAHAH!! Hey, same surname okay, don't play play ;)

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