Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's all for $13.90!


*screams and jump*

(Technically, it's yesterday since it's already the 20th but!! I still consider this as the 19th cause I blogged about this yesterday before snoozing beside my laptop)

I definitely feel a lot happier knowing that I don't have to stay up late just to study this particular subject. My sleep time = horrendous.

Sometimes, I don't sleep at ALL! I'm serious. I think it's stupid of me to sacrifice my sleep cause if I don't sleep, I won't be able to concentrate well for the papers.

Oh well, what's done is done. I can't live in regrets forever!

But for now, it's FREEDOM BAYBEH!! *plays non-existent guitar*

First things first, it's gonna be all about prom, prom and prom!! Eh, don't think that it's only girls who are enthusiastic about prom cause guys are enthusiastic about it too! I remembered Teck Tzu asked me for my opinion on coloured tuxedos and stuff like that. See! Guys are just like girls. ;)

Except they tend to hide their "fashion-y" side.

It's okay, you guys can always go to LOOKBOOK for some inspirations! The guys in there dress so O_O *wolf-whistle* SUAVE!!

Nah, not your average t-shirt and jeans and sneakers. They dress themselves in berets, beanies, coats, jackets and whatever stuff you can think of! These guys have STYLE!! And did I forget to mention that SOME of them dress like Chuck Bass?

They not only have good fashion sense, they are FREAKING GOOD LOOKING themselves! I can't believe they're actually "REAL" as in "not-celebrities" kind of people. Don't worry, they're young too and aged around 17-20+ the least so you can still contact them if you're interested ^_^

ANYWAYS! I have loads of stuff to blog about and I will start I will have endless things to blog about and also, blogging cures my boredom...which is pretty much a good thing :D

From the title above, you can guess what I'm going to blog about...

FOOD! My favourite topic to blog about! *mwahs mwahs*

These pictures were taken back in September...woah! My O levels haven't even started back then.

We went to eat at this restaurant called "Buffalo steakhouse" (or something like that) near my piano school as my mum wanted to try it out. The food was fine although I don't really like the service cause the waitresses tend to stare at you while you're eating.

Privacy *cough cough*

I ordered this $13.90 set which was REALLY, REALLY FILLING! And I love it! ♥

It comes with a main dish, an appetizer and a dessert which is quite typical if you ask me but the huge portions were the one that attracted me!

Started off with a warm creamy mushroom soup topped with a baguette which tasted not bad at first but it got kinda difficult to drink after several slurps.

I personally don't really like soup which contains lots and lots of milk.

Bread-o with cool butter design.

HAHA. Okay, I made up that name myself. Hey! Got to make this dish sound interesting ey? Oh well T_T butter and bread is just butter and bread.

I love bread with lots and lots of butter!!! YUMMY!!

(I know this also wanna take)

And finalleh...

the main entree!

I ordered Chicken chop with some kind of sauce, I'm not sure what sauce it is but it tasted kind of sourish + a tinge of sweetness.

It was really, really filling. And for $13.90? I'd say, it's worth it. I love how crispy the chicken was! ^_^ Om nom nom nom!! Although the sauce tend to make it a lil mushy but still, tasty!

I didn't even touch the salad hehehe. I'm not a "greens" person. I find it funny that they actually place corn kernels in this dish.

Potatoes are fine...but CORN?? HAHAHA. That's a first. (for me)

One last bite and I'm done....

OM NOM NOM!! Tummy satisfied.

Actually, I forgot to mention that the sauce contains bits of garlic too. -_-

But, I still ate it anyway....cause the taste was still bearable!

LASTLY, dessert!!

Vanilla ice cream with colourful sprinkles!

Dessert? I'm a happy girl! ^________^

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