Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hai, I am tangled! Are you?

Hello peepos! :D

I am very happy today because I bought a lot of stuff that I like LOVE!!! Most of them are shopping loots *coughs* I meant, all of them!

Why oh money really buy happiness?? I guess it's just a temporary thing :S

Anyways, I went out with Sabena, Sandy and Jaywen to watch Rapunzel, eat sushi and tomyam udon and shop for my prom stuff!

Okay, I have to stop calling it Rapunzel because the movie's name is actually "Tangled"

I LOVED THE MOVIE! I thought it was so funny, cute and touching at some parts. I heard a few people sniffle here and there when the sad parts were showing...I had to admit, I was a bit teary-eyed but I resisted...

After all, I was using make-up! And smudges = *shakes head*

I watched it in 3D and honestly speaking, if there was 2D, I rather pick 2D both for it's price and quality.

Seriously, the 3D in mall kinda sucks. -_- Or maybe it's cause I'm watching a cartoon version. The trailer for Yogi bear was really convincing though! A few girls shrieked when the larvae-thingy splattered across the screen...

And throughout the movie, I kept on adjusting the 3D glasses and hey, you can actually watch the movie without the glasses if you don't mind a lil blurriness here and there!

Ok la...I won't complain much since the movie was good. If it sucks, then I will continue my ranting but I won't. Oh!!! F seat -_______- the girls should get this.

For those who haven't watch it/did not plan on watching it, you should! If you're into comedy + heart-warming cartoons!

Don't worry, this ISN'T a spoiler but just in case if it's a spoiler for you, don't read this! Don't say I didn't warn ya :D

I had trouble picking which character was my favourite in the movie...

Is it...

Pascal, the tiny but dangerous chameleon?


Maximus, the really strict, smart and BITCHY - quoted by Sandy yet lovable horse?

These two characters are the CUTEST in the movie....but I can only pick one. And it is...MAXIMUS!!!

You have just got to watch the movie to find out why I love Maximus so much! Adorable horse *kiss*

PICTURES! Mostly vain pictures since I didn't take any food pictures T_T

I swear, once I get a camera of my own...I will take lots and lots of food pictures to my heart's content! :)

Jaywen and I, on the way to Mall!

Me: Eh! Try pose differently!

And this is the best we could do *sigh*

This is quite-an-old picture...ho-hum

P/S: Hope my skin will be nice to me...can you imagine the horror when you wake up on the day of your prom and you see one big red zit on your cheek/nose/anywhere on your face?? HOR-ROR!!! *shudders*


  1. I can't wait to watch Tangled!!!! I saw the 3D trailer and loved it! I find the 3D glasses really heavy and uncomfortable though T_T I always make sure I go on Mondays - Wednesdays so it's only $6! :D

  2. Wait, it's not called Rapunzel? D: I haven't get to watch it too, exam period at the moment. Will be watching next Wed YAY

  3. Everyone's been calling it Rapunzel, I just call it the blondie in the cartoon. XD

  4. Luv that chameleon... check mine at


  5. ahhh. I wanna watch it too!

  6. wanna watch this movie too~

  7. I like the lantern from the story is so nice *shine eyes*

  8. weird name for a movie.

  9. it is a nice movie. Although I was tired when watching it, but I do laugh a lot too!

  10. Going to watch it this weekend!! Yay!! Love cartoon!! =]

  11. I think the 3D is worth the watch. But I loved the storyline and the facial expressions on each of the characters (yes including the horse and the chameleon)

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    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts


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