Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's a cute overdose!!

Recently, I find myself automatically re-blogging cute-looking food on my Tumblr. I'm kinda lazy to doodle these days even though I have plenty of free time..

I hope this is just a temporary thing :/ I wouldn't want it to be permanent since I've showed my works to my grandma and I'm happy she likes it ^^

Hey! If she likes it, I'm a happy girl :)

I have always wondered why why why why do sweet foods like cakes, cupcakes, chocolates et cetera ALWAYS tend to look so much cuter than savoury food! But they are not as elegant as high-class food. You know what I mean.

Those fancy schmany names that I don't even bother to remember. Heck, I don't even remember simple name dishes like....what's-it-again...ah, forget it! O.O

I went to this particular website and OMG!!! All the food pictures are OH-SO-CUTE!!

Now I understand why sweet foods are much more cuter than savoury.

Same goes to appearance. HAHAHA! Or is it?


*shrieks* HELLO KITTY COOKIES! I want!!

So simple yet so nice.

Hehehe. So cute!

Bet you think frogs are cute now, ey?
AHA! Savoury foods CAN look as cute as sweet foods afterall! :)

But it's too cute to look at and nah, my tummy didn't make noises either.

See! That's the problem. Sweet foods are nice to look at but they don't really make you feel hungry. That's what I think though. Each time I see people blogging and posting pictures about baking stuff and all, I think it's really pretty to look at but it rarely makes me hungry.

I don't crave for chocolate that much either. And speaking of chocolate, I haven't eaten one for like, a month already! No joke k, cause I can resist B)

Savoury foods are more like my thing ;)

Actually, it's an advantage if it doesn't make you feel hungry because there have been numerous times when I look at savoury pictures and my tummy just makes noise like there's no tomorrow so yeeeeahh.

One last cute ice-cream picture!

And you think that's the end of cute-overdose?


FLUFFY BUNNEEEEEH!! Looks so much like a soft toy. Easy to hit too *muahaha* nah, just kidding.

Startled kitties are cute kitties!

AND.......the cutest of them all....mind you, I love cats a lot...


If no, well, *roll eyes* bad taste. *face palm*

If yes, *HI-5*!!!

So cute :*)

I'm sick of admiring food pictures! I wanna cook right after my O's! I wanna make lots and lots of savoury foods...hehehehe. And some other miscellaneous stuff too!

We'll see :D

P/S: Pictures are from ♥ WE HEART IT ♥

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