Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am miz moustachey!!


Yes, I grew a moustache during my O's B)

I finally have the time to sit down and write a proper blog post! Today's a tiring day...basically, it's the "Dooms Day" of O level period is the day where we have 3 papers to sit for instead of our usual 1!

Maria's so funny. She claims that Cambridge is being bitchy this year. :D

And those 3 papers aren't your ordinary - multiple choice, theory kind of paper. It's
a BM 1, a Chemistry paper 2 and a P.O.A paper 2 T_T

But, IT'S OVER! :)

Thank goodness. No more P.O.A 4 LYFE!!(Ok, I am being lame, I shall be more serious now) No more P.O.A for LIFE! ^^v

Anyways! I have FOOD pictures to post up! Been saving these pictures for a long time in my phone (since September) simply because I just can't find the right time to post them! I can tweet and go online for a while, facebook, tumblr but I just don't have the time to blog.

Might as well say I'm lazy :P

Fun bread! :)

XO noodles. Looks like mee goreng to me! But it sure taste good! Yes, up till now, I can still remember the taste as though as I'm tasting it for real now...hehe

My little brother's chicken chop with mashed potatoes! These taste delish!!

My bro's only 7 and he requests for chicken chop, lamp chop any chop thing every Saturday night. TSK TSK TSK!

I call this da Volcano! 0:)

My curry laksa.

It tasted quite bland plus, it looks much more attractive from the menu. -_-

They were generous with the prawns though!

I may not have the time to blog during my O's which is still ongoing by the way, BUT! I have plenty of time to make food for myself! Cook, to be more precise. :D

I learned how to cook these two dishes a week ago! Honestly, my first try - not good *thumbs down*

This is my so called curry noodles which is a FAIL T______T

Well, I was starving and the only thing I could find in the kitchen was a vermicelli pack, a few prawns and a packet of curry paste...and I didn't feel like eating instant noodles at that moment...

So, I just whipped everything together and TA-DA! Catastrophe. But, I still ate it like a good girl anyway...

No coconut milk, no tofu! What kind of curry is this....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE BITTERGOURD! I would eat it like a snack if I could! :)

It's crunchy, tasty and bitter! I used to hate bittergourd but I just love it now YUM YUM YUM!

This dish was a little better compared to the dish above! Although the bitter gourd were a little raw because I didn't fry it long enough...

S'okay, practice, practice, PRACTISE!

I declare tonight, STUDY-FREE! What shall I do after I post this blog post?

Shall I watch Barbie? :)

Or a romantic DVD?

Or a scary DVD?

Or play Sims 3?


NAH. I think I shall just lie on bed and reeeee-lax.


  1. Lovely moustache!! Haha.. XD

    Err... i don't like bittergourd except bittergourd with eggs!!!

  2. Bittergourd fry with salty egg yolk much more delicious compare with egg... :)

  3. hungry after looking at those photos..XD

  4. Good cooking. At least the whole post is frank.

  5. cute mustache! btw, I dont like bittergourd and I've never eat that in my entire life.


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