Friday, October 22, 2010

I am inspired once again....

Lately, I'm really into rose printed, polka-dotted or anything quirky on leggings or stockings ♥

Soft feminine loose and huge baggy shirts! Printed flower tops! Soft, flowy Grecian dresses AND PATENT BLACK BOOTIES!

I kinda want one now :(

I have a pair of grey suede ankle booties but it's GREY in colour!! It's so hard to match grey....BLACK goes with everything...and besides I don't even have that much grey-compatible clothes boo.

And besides, if you wear booties in Brunei, people will think you're insane. Le sigh!

I WANT A TULLE SKIRT! I want black patent booties, I want a long printed batik looking skirt! I want...a fedora and a beret...

HAHAHAHA! A beret...gosh, I don't know why, but I'm kinda attracted to it and NO! I am not influenced by Gossip Girl or anything although I do like the way Blair dresses :)

I went into this website - LOOKBOOK to get some inspirations - you know, it's sort of a recycle kind of thing of me. I don't want to have to spend money to buy new clothes just to create a kind of fashion and so, I look up for inspirations!

I found a few already :D Heheh, I even have a folder titled "Fashion Inspirations"!

And here comes an overload of vain pixtures, well, not really vain. They're kind of insane.


I ........ need to study. *sigh*

Nice hor?? :D If you don't think it's nice...I accept that cause everyone have difference tastes in fashion!

Sepia~ sap-pee-ya~


You know, I just can't help it. Whenever I look into my webcam and try to take pictures of myself, I just cannot retain a smile. CAUSE!!

POSE POSE POSE!! You're only gonna be young once! So, do more crazy poses. :B

One last normal smiling picture 0:)

NITES EVERYBODY! Technically, it's morning already, so HAPPY AM everybodeh, busy day today!!

Cause, I'm gonna study B) Oh well, I have to study everyday anyway!!

P/S: For those who haven't seen my previous latest post, I just posted one yesterday hehe, please scroll down to see it! :)


  1. I loike the first sepia pic :P so nice!

  2. I agree with Hilda! The first one is really good! And gosh I love fashion as much as you but I am a very broke person. If I had cash I'd spend it on clothes. Tons of it! And shoes!

  3. I like ur hair band dear!

  4. I kind of like posing too XD

  5. normal smiling pic is nicest :P

  6. Nice pictures haha. I'm into those types of clothings recently as well. When I read what you wrote, I was like, omg I want all of 'em too! lol.

  7. "You're gonna be young once." Thats an interesting sentence !


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