Saturday, October 02, 2010

AIR BORNE from smiley land!

A few pictures I took whilst I was playing Sims 3 AGAIN! ^_^

Nah, it's not considered jobless at all...

They have the "fish-eye" effect which I particularly love :D

And have I mention that Deviantart's smileys/emoticons are super duper cute?? I'm thinking of importing some of em' over to blogger but have not find the time or method to do so :S

Besides, there are SO many crazy types of emoticons available and if I were to use them, I'm sure it will fill up my whole blog and make it look so messy-looking heheh..and not to mention how annoying it will be to some of you guys!

That's why I deleted my emoticons from my blog posts; have you noticed they were gone?? Even I myself found it annoying!

I love tha pink sky! ♥

One last emoticon to end the blog post! (Me being me, if I could, I would add ALL of them here but nahhhh)

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