Monday, September 20, 2010

Tomyam udon FTW!

This outing happened a week ago, I guess...

But it was planned WAY before my mocks. To be exact, in the midst of my mocks.

It all started when..I tweeted on my Twitter that I'm craving for Tomyam Udon!

And Jaywen replied that she was craving for Tomyam udon too! So did Maria :D

So, it was planned - just like that! The tomyam udon outing *smirks*

Tomyam udon - a nom-nom you definitely don't wanna miss! It contains the three S's! Spicy, sizzling and SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!

If you're lucky - you'll taste the superb one.

If you're a bit suay - then you can just settle for the okay-okay one.

If you're very very unlucky - your tomyam udon will either come out too salty or sweet. Spicy is an exception. It is tomyam udon afterall! A mild tomyam udon? Hmmm...not very fancy.

But, I'm very very lucky because the first few times I tasted it, it came out EXCELLENT. The flavours were just right and the spiciness level was just perfect :D Plus, they were grateful with the huge portions of meat! ^_^

Do try it at Gadong's escapade instead of Kiulap. I tried it in Kiulap and it was nyeh. Not as great as Gadong's!

However, don't blame me if you don't like it! We humans, however have different taste buds or it's cause you're very, very unlucky *refer to luckiness level on top*

Mar can't come so it's just me and Jaywen :)

Waiting for our food patiently or not so *points to Jaywen*

Jaywen's mousey face...which clearly states *I want my food*

As for me, I am calm + patient HAHAHA with a hot cup of green tea beside me, don't mess!

I feel like a sifu now *pulls invisible white beard*

I call this my superhero spectacles!

Cause it seriously looks like one from far! D:

Yes, you can see me diligently doing my chemistry past year book even when I'm out...sigh.

AND FINAL-LEH! The food has arrived *drum rolls*

Heck, we waited 30 minutes for the food to arrive!! The waitress forgot our orders. *scolds vulgar words uncontrollably*

The food section is the part that I love yet hate..

I love it because I can drool over the pictures and satisfy my craving, virtually..

But, I hate it because...

I don't remember the names of the dishes! T_T

This is Jaywen's...I-don't-know-*inserts Japanese word* sandwich!

But, I remember my OWN dishes very clearly ^_^

Mini California Maki is ♥

I feel hungry already just by looking at this picture :(

INTRODUCING the main meal of the night!!

A Tomyam udon outing without tomyam udon is DEFINITELY not a tomyam udon outing.

I can't believe we were that close to dumping the main motive of our outing which is - to eat tomyam udon!

I even suggested to eat Hokkien mee *hides at the corner*

Tomyam udon, 사랑해요 ♥

Jaywen with her sandwich! (I suddenly thought of the word "unagi", is that the name for the sandwich?)

*sings* my eyes have disappeared *sings* The result of being too happy.

Tomyam udon is a happy drug.

However, it tasted okay only that night T_T

Each time a group of girls aka (me and Jay) enter a toilet, the percentage of us fixing our hair and make-up is 40% and the percentage of us taking pictures inside is 60% :)

I'm posting all three cause if you noticed - Jaywen has different poses for each shot :P

In the dressing room - a definite place to take pictures no doubt :)

Lace + high waisted dresses + bow back dresses are awesome ♥

Why stick to one kind of fashion when you CAN WEAR LOADS OF THEM!!

Hmm..I can say that I don't stick to any. I can't say I wear all either cause I'm not very daring with clothes...

But nowadays, I love jumpers, dresses and fedoras! Japanese fashion, ATTACK! They are so pretty :) And so are florals! Florals = awesome.

If you think it's old, you're old!

I suddenly remembered that I used to hate high waisted ANYTHING! *slaps self* That, I regret. I love it now.

Relaxing at the "magic-colourful" fountain!

See what I meant by magic? The lighting is beautiful!

Check out Jaywen! *RAWRR*

Nice blurred effect..

Which brings me to the point - I can't wait to have a camera of my own. :(

One last the Mall.

Me and Jaywen's beautiful and spacious room which smells great!

The guitar reminds me of......Taylor Swift.

Us :D

Jaywen with her halter neck flower-printed dress :D


I am a pro. I took one shot of Jaywen jumping and TA-DA! This is the picture!

A very successful picture ey? :D

She's like saying "WHAT TIME IS IT?"

And I'm like "It's time to fly" *flaps wings* T_T

I jumped SO many times - more than 10 I guess...and Jaywen still can't manage to get a still shot of me jumping! My guess is - she was laughing because after each failed jump shot, I would scold her and pant non-stop. -_-

One last shot of both of us! :D (My eyes look like they're about to close down anytime)

I had a great time! Hopefully, when we save up a bit of cash, we'll go shopping together instead, alright? It will just be like the old times. :)


But, I'm craving for mini california maki :(


  1. nice Udon !... u are using 3.2 Mega Pixel camera for all those ?

  2. I like both of yr outfits, so pretty (:

  3. Wow a lot of camwhore photos here. XD

  4. wah u have pretty dimples...envy!


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