Friday, September 24, 2010

Thoughts and food do not go well together

It's 3 am in the morning now and I'm....viewing recipes online *tummy rumbles*


I know that looking at pictures of food when you're HUNGRY is not a good decision so why do I still do that?!

I LOVE reading any posts with food (savoury though) cause I'm more of a savoury person! Cupcakes and fluffy cakes are beautiful to look at, that's true but looking at savoury food is the only way to NOT-satisfy my food cravings - virtually.


I want to cook pasta so badly!! T_T

But the main ingredient required in pasta is - GARLIC!!

Yuck. But if I happen to cook pasta, I will omit the garlics and see if they still taste as good :D

Speaking of cooking, if I happen to open a restaurant (which is pretty much just an example), I would introduce garlic-free dishes to each and everyone who hates garlic! Like me :D

My restaurant name would be "Boo garlic restaurant" (sounds stupid though) maybe, "No-garlic restaurant?" *smirks*


LO BAK KAO!! A.K.A Carrot cake!

I haven't eaten this in years!! Ever since that restaurant in Kiulap converted to a vegetarian restaurant...



Hokkien mee ♥

Nuff said, it's ze best. Other than Char Kuey Tiaw!

I'm so glad I'm a Malaysian :*)

Anyways, O's are coming in a week or so and yes, I'm scared..

I'm thinking about my future actually. I wonder what I aspire to be when I grow up.

At the start of Form 5, I always thought I knew what I wanted to be - a multimedia designer, mainly because I love experimenting with codes and adding fancy gadgets and so..

Although I really hate it when I screw up my codes, I still love the thrill of finding what went wrong and will only limit to perfection, in a way.

Then again, I have my doubts. From the start, I knew what I wanted to be, what if one day, I don't want to be a multimedia designer anymore?

That's what I'm worried about.

Another thing is, I remembered one of my dad's friends asked me what career path do I plan to take - and I answered, "Multimedia."

And he hesitated for a while and blurted out, "Why not engineering?" Then, he quickly changed the subject cause my guess is, he knew I wasn't happy with his reply.

Is it not a job good enough to earn a stable income? Is it not as prestigious as being a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer?

Then, I wonder why do I have such small aims - maybe I should aspire to be someone greater other than a multimedia designer.

I even told my mum I wanted to be a chef and she zipped me up. I told a few people about me wanting to be a chef and it's quite sad when I observe their reactions.

Even my grandmother does not allow me to be one :(

I know that being a chef is not hard, you will get cuts and burns (but it's normal, isn't it?) receive tough criticisms that will push you down, get cussed at and so...

But, if you really like it, why does it matter? Even if it takes a long time to be a reputable chef and even if I have to start as a dishwasher, as long as I have the aim to be one, it won't be much of a problem.

Income will be a problem if I choose that career path because I already know that I will earn very little - which means I can't support my own family which worries me and may be the main reason why I chose to forget about that job.

Plus, if I study so hard for my O's and in the end, I chose to be a chef - won't that be such a waste... (I don't mean it as an offence though)

In the end, I guess I will just treat it as a passion. Something I love doing. Cooking.

But, I'm still so confused about what I aspire to be.

I do not want to wait for my O's to determine what I should be cause if I aim to be *insert any job*, I should aim for the results that will bring me a step closer to that job...

Then again, who am I to talk about these kind of stuff when I'm still a fifth-former who's about to graduate in two months from now *hyperventilates*


P/S: Pictures courtesy of @RasaMalaysia


  1. Love the food too. And the posts :P Cool that you prefer savoury food cause most ppl prefer sweet!

  2. so delicious!


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