Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rainbow and stars

Pictures of a rainbow I took few days ago whilst I was on my way to tuition!!

I couldn't resist it ^_^

If only the kijang could blend in with the background...then the whole picture would look better!

Nature is so beautiful ♥

The clouds, the sky, the green trees and grass - I always feel attracted to them which explains why I prefer sunshine so much more than rain.

Why do people like rain? It dampens the whole mood. It's sad, it's wet and it's just not happy. Sunshine is bright, hot and cheerful!

Don't get me wrong, rain has A good quality too - rainy weather = nice sleep :)

Different weathers suit different moods.

If it's sunny, going outside to play, shop or hang out would be (Y)

If it's raining, a good cup of hot teh tarik + good movie would definitely be GREAT!

If it's snowing (IF ONLY HOR) CHRISTMAS!!

Speaking of Christmas, I would really really like to celebrate Christmas in a country that has snow...

How nice!

Alright, this post is really random. Just wanted to post a few pictures that's all :D

Don't you love this quote? I got it from Michee! Thanks for letting me use this quote - in advance!

So pixelated. -_-

But anyways! I made doodle click-able buttons! Just click on any drawing that interests you and it will lead you to a particular page!

Doodling is fun ^^

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