Thursday, September 16, 2010

My hope-to-happen TODOLIST!

Heck, it isn't even a wish list since I already have a very long one at my side-bar *points to the right*

It's more of ...a to-do-list. I hope to complete it by 2011. I really do! Although there are a few stuff in the list which I doubt I will get unless I have loads of cash *ka-ching*

I wanted to add in "TO GET AWESOME RESULTS FOR O'LEVELS" But, it's not a want. It's more of a NEED.

Something that I really need to achieve T_T sigh sigh sigh!

It's my last chance to do it well and I'm very, very, very scared. But unfortunately, not scared to the extend that I don't go online - tweet, blog and facebook AND let's not forget. Tumblr and also doodle. T_T

TA-DA!! I present you.....


MY TO-DO-LIST doodle version!

Very materialistic, I guess.

But I really wanna travel so badly T_T And if I want to travel, I need a camera to take beautiful shots of the countries I'm visiting!

(I can't use my 3.2 megapixel phone to capture the fun moments and my mama just won't let me use her digital camera unless I sneak off with it which is a very bad decision unless I decided to retire early from life)

And with a *NOW* non-existent camera, I want to look presentable in pictures hence, the new dresses, hats and HAIR! HAHAHAH. Okay, add in "vain" too.

Materialistic + vain = girl? :D


Hopefully, a digital camera or better, a DSLR. Which means I definitely have to wait for this one. Or not. Unless I get good results for O's.

2) I really want soft and silky-smooth and tangle free long purplish brown hair...yep! I want to dye my hair. And of course get the dream haircut I have always always wanted - straight cut bangs T_T

3) Illustration is provided. Somewhat, nice dresses like that. Especially the bow-back one. :D

4) Strappy wedges!! How humiliating...I don't know how to draw nice heels...

5)I dunno why I'm suddenly interested in fedoras...


AND OH! Something or should I say, someone that made my day :')

Heheh! So I was viewing doodle tumblr(s) as usual...and I really like Chelly's one cause her doodles are so cute and inspirational! So, I followed her...

And this is what happened!!

Yes, she followed me :D

I know, it may be "PFFFT" to you guys, but to me, it's an honour.

To be followed by someone who's made it big in the doodle world is very much a WOOWOOOWOOOWOWOWOOWOWOWOW *shiny eyes + big smile*

I haven't rant for quite a long time and honestly, I have SO much to rant. But I guess I will just vent out my anger to my friends...hehe :D

Controversial posts are interesting but not exactly a nice touch to the blog - so I will skip this out because personally, I love reading posts which are rant-free and of course, criticism-free :D


  1. I really like your to-do list doodle! so chio! XD
    I'm sure you are going to get good results for O's cause I know you studied very hard... =)

  2. it's really cute and nice (: keep up the good work, practice makes perfect :D

  3. where is the straight As list? lol

  4. wow... cute doodles!!!

  5. It's adorable ! ♥ *like*

  6. the doodles are cute !!


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