Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If I could wish for one thing, I take the smile that you bring ♥

Random pictures!

Isn't she adorable ♥

She looks just like a dog with it's huge and shiny brown eyes + furry coat!! Love love!! *muacks*

Her name is Snoute by the way and yes, I was that BORED to print screen a picture of it whilst watching Barbie :P

Hey, you gotta admit she's cute!! *hugs non-existent seal*

As usual I was tumblr-ing and I stumbled onto this really cool thing -

day 01 - victory sign a.k.a peace sign.
day 02 - shush pose.
day 03 - begging pose.
day 04 - adjusting glasses.
day 05 - claws pose.
day 06 - pigtails pose.
day 07 - frame pose.
day 08 - pleading.
day 09 - ‘louder’ pose.
day 10- ‘fighting!’ pose.
day 11 - punch to the face pose.
day 12- ‘call me’ pose.
day 13 - ‘bang!’ pose.
day 14 - confused pose.
day 15 - praying pose.
day 16 - ‘blowing a kiss’ pose
day 17 - pointing pose.
day 18 - giant heart pose.
day 19 - pillow pose.
day 20 - surprised pose.
day 21 - daydreaming pose.
day 22 - ‘hey’ pose.
day 23 - heart shape pose.
day 24 - nyan nyan pose.
day 25 - ‘okay’ pose.
day 26 - salute pose.
day 27 - horns pose.
day 28 - tears/teasing pose.
day 29 - puffy cheeks expression.

Reference by - asianposes.com

HAHAHAHAHAH! SO TRUE RIGHT?? I aim to pose like ALL of the above but of course, not in one go....that's a bit too much. So, I will do it when I feel like it...

What's "nyan nyan" pose? That's the only pose that I don't get!

I don't really follow the timing or the days...I just pose whatever I feel like posing...heh :$

day 06 - pigtails pose

I'm a little too lazy to actually tie my hair into pigtails so I just twist it..well, looks the same anyway!

AND YES! I got new spectacles! :o


Day 04 - adjusting glasses pose

HAHAHA! I know, it's a very I-want-to-punch-your-face-so-much picture but heh, I couldn't find a better way of adjusting my glasses - push it down my nose and enlarge my eyes x10??

I really can't do that!

day 05 - Claws pose

day 01 - peace pose!

Notice that I'm wearing the same outfit in every picture? Yes, I did it ALL on the same day...heh heh... :)

Alright, one last smiling and normal picture to end the post,

I don't have perfect teeth but one can doodle right? :D

BYE BYE! Au revoir! Have an awesome day ahead of you!


  1. OMG, i feel like doing the poses thing but I bet by the end of the whole poses thing, my readers will be dropping to 0 HAHAH

  2. that's really a lot of poses, haah!


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