Saturday, September 04, 2010

I ❤ Barbie!!

So how did I celebrate my start of holidays??

I watched Barbie, of course!

As childish it sounds, I'm glad that I'm not the only seventeen year old who loves watching Barbie. Around the world, there's lots of 16 and 17 year olds and even, 30 year-olds watching it!! (For the sake of their kids and brothers and sisters, of course) But they love it, STILL!

I'm a fairytale lover and not a realist.

I'm more of a dreamer and I fantasize A LOT. Which explains why I get disappointed easily because I always keep my hopes high on something that does not happen.

Oh well, that's a different story.

You know what? I wish fairytales were real. I wish this whole magical stuff was happening. I wish I could be like Barbie :)

I'm crazy about fairytales and you know what - Cancers are known to fantasize a lot.

Which is very, very true *sighs*

Remember when I said I wanted to watch all the Barbie movies all by myself and I ALMOST DID.

Out of the 16 Barbie movies, I watched 6 already!! WOOHOO! *cheers for myself* (Okay, just realized it's so little... :c )

I AIM to watch ALL the Barbie movies!! I could watch it all day long and not get bored of it, at all.

The 6 movies I watched were Rapunzel, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Fairytopia, The princess and the pauper and Barbie and the magic of Pegasus.

Out of the 6, the one that I liked the most has got to be the Nutcracker. It's really short but it interests me because of the dancing and the nutcracker himself. :$

I think he's so CUTE!! And his voice is very charming too...ho ho ho...I don't know why but...Ken's voice is just so soothing.

But it's quite sad that he turned to Ken who's actually King Eric but still considered as Ken.

Oh ya! I found a resemblance in all the Barbie Princesses Movies that is,

1) All the Barbie princesses are pretty, intelligent, brave and kind.

2) They have skills, be it - dancing, painting, singing etc

3) They always manage to save the day!! Hooray for WOMEN! (It's time for a woman to save the day instead of a man)

4) In each and every Barbie movie, there must be a KEN available. Handsome, charming and of course, love at first sight. Well, not really but they always seem to be attracted to one another before they truly fall in love.

Which is also why I love the Nutcracker. Ken wasn't a really good-looking Ken. He was a Nutcracker which in my opinion - ain't good looking at first. I found him quite old with that white hair of his. Hehehe.

But throughout the movie, he got my attention, in a good way. :P


Yeah, yeah, yeah - there is no happily ever after in real life.

See how we are all so wrapped up in reality that we forgot about fantasy?? Fantasy is an escape to the reality world and I love that I can indulge myself in this fantasy world.

I really don't care...I don't like listening to people bragging to me about reality, the harsh world and all.

Is it good to try to tell a person not to face reality when she herself is so wrapped into the fantasy world? It's like trying to tell a realist not to face reality.

Believe in fairies! They exist. Yep, tell that to a realist and they will slap you hard in the face.

Same goes for a fantasy-minded person like me.

Of course there are times when I know that fantasy is bullshit. That's when I feel down, moody and upset.

But, I never, never stop fantasizing. I wish all my fantasies were real. I wish one day, they could come true...oh, how I wish!! :)

*coughs* Back to the Barbie-la-la land,

Although the nutcracker is wonderful, it's quite sad...for me, I don't know why...even though it had a happy ending, whenever I watch it, I feel really down. :(

Other than the Nutcracker, I also loved watching Barbie and the magic of Pegasus partly because I like the relationship between Barbie and Ken!!

They actually dislike one another at first...and slowly, they fell in love. How cute...but cliche. Shadup :P


Whenever I watch this movie, I feel so happy!! I have watched this for more than 10 times and I'm still in love with it! The music is wonderful and the lyrics are awesome.

Wofie that doggish-cat is so ADORABLE ♥ *hugs hugs hugs*


I plan to buy a few more Barbie DVDS so I can spend most of my holidays watching Barbie. AWESOME!!! :D

If only I had some sort of magic which could make me part of the cool would that be? I could be Barbie, Ken or the bad guy or whoever I want to be...just as long as I'm in that movie, playing a part...and in a magical land.

Why do Barbie get to enjoy so many adventures?? I also want!! *waves hand*

And Barbie is just so inspiring. Because of the characters she portray.

It's sad that Barbie can't beat Disney in terms of animation. It's okay, what's more important is that you have loyal watchers like moi *coughs*

Having a large audience doesn't matter...what matters is you still have loyal ones willing to watch you with full enthusiasm. Like me again :e *coughs*

"Hope has wings"

When I’m stuck on the ground,
There’s no up, only downs,
Every step sends me falling,
Not sure how to begin,
How to rise like the wind
So that soon I’ll be soaring
I just breathe and let myself believe,

‘Cause hope has wings,
To carry you,
Anything is possible,
Just might be,
A miracle,
Waiting to come true,

So I lift my eyes,
And see the sky,
Feel my heart begin to fly,
I will be carried by my dreams,
‘Cause hope has wings.

Lovely lyrics and songs.

Most of the songs are awesome!! The lyrics are SO meaningful too.

Every journey starts inside the heart,
and there’s no mountain that’s too far.

If I set my mind to it,
whatever it is, I can do it.

Sigh. I fell in love with Barbie. ♥


  1. you must love fairytales alot, don't you ? :)

  2. wow, im glad they made the Barbie's have skills now! they're no longer just dumb blondes like they used to be..thank God.

  3. ahhaha even m way older than u, but i stil love barbie too haha

  4. Im 20, i love to watch Barbie too k?
    LOLx...the songs and the movies r nice wat, y not? =P

  5. I have a friend she is a big fan of Barbie(: (:

  6. Lol i am not a fan of barbie but I do enjoy their animation :)

  7. I love only barbie dolls. and hopefully i'll have enough money in the future to buy my babies a zillion of barbie dolls.

  8. omg I love Barbie too ! My fav is Rapunzel XDDD


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