Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hello, 27lily and bye-bye Illusion-heartx!


First things first! My mocks are over which explains why I have loads of free time to actually CHANGE my blog name and my layout too!! :e

I spent a LOT of time making this skin. You can say that it's probably the first time I actually bothered to put in effort to make a blogskin. I usually finish one blogskin in 4 hours which is pretty much the normal time as every one else but for this skin, I took a total of two days to figure out the codes! And add all those fancy schmancy stuff. *points to the bow* :D

HTML sucks man :(

I know the doodle header looks a tad bit childish but heck, who cares! I'm not even that mature anyway.

Moving on to my blog name! So, I thought of this blog name while I was studying. -_-

What a crazy thought. But, I went ahead and do it after all :) (After some encouragement by Maria, that is!)

Okay, if you ask me whether I miss my old blog name of....4 YEARS!! OMG! That long already?? (The answer is, no. Well, duh. I do!)

I have three blog names so far, including this one. My first blog name is obviously a long silly little girl's blog name so I changed it to my previous one which is Illusion-heartx.

I liked that name a lot when I was in Form 1. Somehow, as I grew older, I didn't thought of changing it AT FIRST because I was so accustomed to that blog name - it had become a part of me that I didn't want to let go even though I knew clearly that this blog name really doesn't spell ME!

I need a blog name that is really ME.

And since most of my close friends call me Lily or Lili, I decided to go by that nick name....

Same goes to my name. Lilian. Hey, is it really that hard to pronounce and SPELL too?? Cause I know lots of people who misspell my name.

Note that it's 1 L and not 2 Ls.

Lily sounds so much easier to pronounce and spell right? Plus, it's short and easy on the eye :D

Before I decided to officially change my blog name, I thought about my "Illusion-heartx" once more. Illusion-heartx...

Well, what does it mean?? I don't know too! Sucks to not know the meaning behind your blog name because I'm sure every blog name has a meaning behind it!


Welcome to!! :O

Do remember to type in that URL above when you come to my blog instead of!

Actually, I don't really mind if some of you still stick by my old blog name (I type my old blog URL by accident too) cause it will REDIRECT you to my new blog URL!! :D

I also went and searched on Google about it. :D

Google is da bomb man :L

AND OH! All those who are under my link list, please do relink me! Thank you so much!

Actually, even if you don't wish to relink (cause I'm sure a lot won't), it's okay. There's still a redirect option so yeap :)


You gotta expect the unexpected to get the unexpected.

Here are a few photos from this afternoon's outing (why the girls so rajin, so fast already upload it into their personal blogs and facebook) so my blog post won't look that dull and wordy


I love this picture because Sandy looks so adorable in here :k

And it's time for me to......SLEEP!! I'm feeling so shitty these days bleh.


  1. why 27? (: btw, where did you get all the html codes?

  2. 27 because it's my birthdate! 2nd of July! HAHA! :D

    Oh, i got these codes from another blog layout but i altered them to suit it according to my taste. :)

  3. omg the header cute can !

  4. your header is really cute... some more blinking !!


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