Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Moon-cake festival!

Hello guys!!


Ok, maybe the doodle above doesn't look like a moon-cake at ALL so here's a "real" picture of the green tea flavoured moon-cake I ate yesterday whilst studying chem B)

You know what? I think I know why the moon-cake is called moon-cake when it simply does not resemble a moon..


My O's are around the corner so I guess I will be blogging less and less..I can always blog after my o's but I can never study for my o's after my o's...(sorry for the awful english, i'm in a rush hehe)

Time is ticking and I AM SOOOOO SCARED!! But, being scared won't help anyways...

The chicken soup my grandma made for me so I can concentrate well for my O's :) ♥

Alright, blog next time IF I have the time to do so!!

GOOD LUCK FOR O LEVELS GUYS!! :D *wished myself a good-luck too*

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