Friday, September 10, 2010

Frosted-pink + cloudy nails?

Since it's the holidays and I have nothing better to do...

I decided to paint my nails - the unprofessional way of course. I don't use Konad plates or any bling-blings or nail art stuff because...I suck in painting my nails. SERIOUSLY. I am not joking.

(Although I clearly know that there's something fishy with my Konad stamp!! I swear to buy a new one...if I'm not too lazy)

But, oh well! It's all for the fun of it :)

My tools!! The pink nail polish was F-O-C!! Too bad it's too pale...and I was so reluctant to use the heart-shaped bling blings that I only used 1....

$4.90 okay! Not all. :(

I call it.....frosted pink cloudy idea why I chose that name though..

I know it looks like French manicure but it seriously isn't! I was trying to create a wave-y effect for the nails...hmm...but it looks more to cloudy so I guess I will just call it that!

I got my inspiration from somewhere...of course the inspiration one is WAY better so I won't post it up as so I won't embarrass myself :$

I think the one pink bling at the end is really funny-looking but after I stuck it on, I realized it actually didn't suit the nails yet I was reluctant to pluck it out because if I did, it will go to a waste... *heart-break*

HAHA! This was just an add-on pictures...i was only looking for excuses to be vain with my false eyelash (note that it's eyelash and not eyelash-es) :$

But hey, I bought a new clear eyelash glue(for fake eyelashes) and it works just fine and so much better than my previous one! This one lasts longer yet it feels so light on my eyes :D

Definitely a keeper for prom *snickers*

AND SPEAKING OF PROM!! I haven't even find my prom dress and I don't even know what design I want :f

I don't even have time to think about it!! O'levels are so near and yet I'm worried about my prom dress.

Okay, I will be spontaneous and go with the flow. If I see the dress I want, I will know immediately that it is "The One" and so, I will follow what my heart wants and not what others want!!

Wish me luck! :)


  1. oo. g'luck on getting that prom dress

  2. I suck at painting nails too! I just usually pain my toenails cos ugly nail job is less obvious. Lol! Very pretty nails!

  3. omg you're so creative! i've always wanted those kind of nails but i never have the time to do it :/

  4. Hehe you've got the nail painting bug too!! I'm so gonna go buy that eyelash glue asap man, while it's still on sale! :P I can't wait to go crazy with all the false eyelashes that I've bought HOHOHO!!!


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