Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Florals, shopping and Barbie DVDs


So how did you guys spend your September holidays so far? I think mine has been pretty event-free. All I did was watch Barbie DVDS all day long...and sleep and eat.

Of course, I forgot to mention that it's study-free too :f

Ah, I hate to start on the "exam" topic so I will skip this one.

Anyways! I went out with my two besties to catch up on one another and to do a little (mine is considered a little, I doubt that for Michee and Maria though) shopping!

I declare this a GIRLY SLEEPOVER + OUTING because we shop, gossip, do heart-to-heart talks, watch chick flicks (Camp Rock 2 considered? :P) and of course, BAKING!!

Girly stuff that you can only do with girls!!

We had our lunch at Funbread and I regret not taking any food pictures :(

FOOD PICTURES ARE ESSENTIAL cause they always make me hungry but satisfied. :D

Take 1: Failed

Michee: OMG! Check out that cute waiter!

Take 2: Failed because someone's face was too "serious"

Why so serious?

Michee: Gotta look cool for the handsome waiter with a very-not-so-nice name!

Take 3: Major fail

WHY? Because the waiter came over and accidentally disrupt our picture-taking and of course, someone was blushing *points to culprit*


Say hello to muah and Shek Shi Man aka Seksi Man (however you spell it :P) She's a Hong Kong actress by the way...


Her princess-y lacey nails + her bimbo expression

Fixed our make-up and we're off to SHOP, SHOP AND SHOP!!

Both of them shopped more than I do this time because....I AM A MISER! Not.

It's because I rather buy online....the stuff are in RM and so much cheaper yo! And the products they sell look like the ones I saw in the shops in Mall anyway...

This is not called "miser", it's called smart shopper. ;)

OH! I forgot to mention our theme for the day was: FLORAL DRESSES!

Glad to say, all of us came in floral dresses! I love wearing dresses! I feel more feminine in it than wearing a shirt and a pair of jeans like I always do *yawns*

While waiting for Mar and Mich to pick out their clothings, I cam-whore vain-vain!!

Just realized, cam-whore doesn't sound very nice hor...there's a whore added to it..

We brought in a lot of outfits to try when it states there clearly "Maximum 3 garments" (Did it? :f)

Girls will always be girls!

I love the blur effect of this picture....I call it "Twirl"

This is what I call "Floral overload"!

Pink jacket + "Whacha looking at?" expression = awesome

Ooh! Just realized, Mich's hair is brownish + red highlights in this picture!! My camera is so awesome because.... it changes your hair colour!! :D

While they were busy choosing and trying on their clothings, I......took pictures of myself.

Check out our cool jackets!! \m/

The more I look at the pink blazer, the more I think it's attractive! The hot pink colour is just so gorgeous!

"Don't take pictures of me" *squeals*

Mich's face is like "What's up with her expression?" *points to me*

Say hello to Mich's new army-inspired cardigan!

Smiles + kuku pose!

Let's not forget Mar's new lacey high-waist dress ;)

Happy with our shopping loots

She loves her corn...

and I love my pearl milk tea ♥

"Hello Michee, let's take a picture! But...why are you hiding behind those bags?"

"Let me fix up my face first.."

*Dusts herself*

Side note: At this instance, a couple of guys walked by and gave her a "WTF are you doing" look..


In the car...on the way to Maria's house, we took out our shopping loots and examine them...

Don't ask why, but I'm pretty sure most girls do that...we like to "observe" the stuff we bought. Especially when it's NEW! *shiny eyes*

"Check out my colourful bracelet, when I wear em' I can make your life colourful"

Check out OUR shopping loots!! :D

Still not considered a lot for me though...

WILL you look at those nail arts stuff?? Mich is one crazy nail-art addict!!

And *coughs* let's not forget, animal prints-fanatic!! :xo

Maria and her new sexy lacey dress that she ♥

And of course, I AM SUPER ELATED with my new Barbie DVDS! They are like the best part of my purchases ♥


Two girls and a camera will always sum up to loadsa vain pictures

One girl and a camera = the same effect

HAHAHA!! Check out Mich's kuku face!! :O

One last new leopard print.....NOT!! :D

That's about it!

I can finally go back to watching my Barbie DVDS :O

Although life is a bit bland to stay at home and watch DVDS all day long....what to do :c

Ever since my grandpa is here, he has been hogging the TV set all day long..

I haven't been doing anything productive lately and watching Barbie is a form of entertainment which reminds me...I feel like studying today. I dunno why :brow

But my conscience tells me that I should and so, I shall try...

Hope I succeed cause the temptations around me are seriously so tempting!! If that fails, I hope to do a little cooking! :)


  1. I've never watch barbie's cartoons. I wonder how are they like HAHS

  2. at which shop did u buy those blings blings?? :)

  3. nice flora print, could smell the flora fashion coming.

  4. Wtf Jia Yee is slowly turning into me, powdering face and applying lipgloss with a Maybelline compact in the middle of nowhere, lol!!
    I might wanna borrow your Barbie DVDs one day, I miss watching them!

  5. @Pinkie On the 2nd floor in a shop called "Amicion" situated near Swensens :)

    @Queen of Babble OMG! SURE! Didn't know that you liked Barbie! That's awesome!

  6. I thought the real barbie dolls...anyways make ur fonts bigger girl, can barely read


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