Sunday, September 12, 2010

Doodle-land of feelings

People have different ways of expressing their feelings out. How do you express yours?

Some blog.

Or listen to music (I guess this works for everybody :)), dance, eat, watch television, go internet, facebook or *inserts anything and everything*

Personally, I have a lot of ways to express my feelings out.

I tweet it out on my twitter, blog (I rarely do it on my personal blog though), listen to music, watch funny shows or maybe sad shows (if I really need to cry) , scream and cry; the usual - you know, all those PMS-y stuff that girls do :P

I have a new form of expressing my feelings out! Instead of blogging them out, I doodle! :)

If you can't express your feelings out, DOODLE!! - My beautiful tagline by me ^^

Actually, it isn't hard for me to blog my feelings out, it's just that - it's hard to explain. You can't picture what I'm trying to show, you can only visualize it but your thoughts might not be the same as mine which defeats the entire purpose.

So, doodles will do :)

I'm a little confused about life.

I wonder a lot. I mermaids exist? Do talking unicorns exist? Do fairies exist?

I actually went and google them. And wow, they don't look like what I imagine them to be!!

Is it possible to experience an exciting and wonderful adventure?

You know - something like Alice in Wonderland or anywhere magical. Maybe a place full of candy cones, air that smells like mint, trees that have pretty sparkly stuff on em', ice-cream flowers or cute little humans or pixies or whatever magical stuff that you see on TV.

Excluding the scary stuff of course!!

I want to travel around the world and I hope one day, all my wonders that I wondered....exists.

I want to see stars glimmering......I want to observe the Earth from space. I want to be able to actually walk around space without using an astronaut suit....which of course, is impossible. We all know that.

I want to visit the Milky way. I want to catch all those pretty little stars and keep them in a bag to be brought home.

I want to be a butterfly/Mariposa fairy princess! I want to wear beautiful gowns and acquire a special talent, preferably - dancing.

And we're not talking about hip-hop style or anything modern. I'm talking about classical. Something to do with ballet that involves Tchaikovsky's music pieces ♥

WHICH is oh-so-wonderful by the way!! I'm so proud to be able to actually play one of his pieces from Swan Lake T_T

And let's not forget the prince charming!! Every princess has a prince charming of their own. Princes charming are made out of everything sweet and nice minus the evil please!

I wish I can talk to animals!! Or I wish animals talk. Either way.

Mus-kat-teer! Okay, you don't get this. But, I do. :P

I'm just so confused about my thoughts. I know that it's impossible yet I still think it's possible.

Yet, I feel so happy!! :D

Anyways! In conclusion, I feel confused + happy.

Yep. Definitely explains how I'm feeling now :i

That was my first doodle sketch for my header which I then realize it's a little too complicated so I put it aside and stick to my current one instead *points to the doodly picture above my skin* :)

It's animated too :)

I have no social life. All week long, I have been staying at home and eating junk food + watching tv + using the internet all day. :f

Maybe that's the reason for my "bizarre" thoughts...

OR NOT!! I always have thoughts like's just that, I rather keep them to myself! Heh heh heh.


  1. ahhhH! so cute!! wat u wan is wat i want too =D

  2. so cute! too bad I suck at drawing. ahhaa

  3. i'd sleep and eat.. haha..
    nice illustrations =)

  4. I like the last one! :D


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