Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christian Louboutin's - Sexy shoes and a sexy name

WoOoOooooooo!! I know - I'm supposed to be studying like a good girl in my room and not go online - but I deserve a break somehow! :)

I think my addiction towards internet is actually not that bad compared to mocks. During mocks, I GO online everyday and almost every hour but now, I only go online at night or maybe, I don't go online at all! :D

Awesome eyh?

TOMORROW'S MY ENGLISH ORALS!! I dunno why but I always get so excited yet scared before my orals! Happy because it's english orals!! Scared because I jumble up my words when I'm nervous...*whew*

I still remembered my mocks oral's topic - pet. I love it cause I can talk about Suzie :*) my favourite cat in the whole wide world!

I'm not a big fan of shoes (not saying I don't love them, I'm neutral - it's just that I'm not a shoe-addict) but *phhweeeet* these babies are so pretty-looking!!

It figures - I would like a designer's one D: Christian Louboutin's priced at 995 UK dollars (or US, I don't remember) *cut-throat*

This reminds me of the day where I went and searched for my prom dress - OMG!!!!! 500+ for a prom dress *chokes self*

Lace legging with ankle boots are AWESOME!! ♥

I was browsing through my old photos in my folder and I kinda miss my short hair :(

Cause I look younger with it. HAHAHA!!

I always think a big HAHA is so much better than a haha. Just like how =) is more friendlier than :)

My hair is now this long and very unkempt.

Bring on the scissors after O's!! :D

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  1. When these are christian louboutin uk, the excitement just gets doubled. Most chic looking louboutin uk are in fashion now.


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