Monday, September 06, 2010

And she was crazy at 10 in the morning....

I was bored this morning and I had on SAS's new house t-shirt!

Actually, I bought the Hollis shirt but then I liked the Mac dougall's house design too...mainly because of the bear. I think it's cute :D

So, I exchanged my Hollis shirt with Jaslyn's Macdougall shirt!

I can still ask my brother to buy the Hollis shirt for me so yep, there's no loss for me :D

I feel bad :~ Oopsie! I'm still loyal to Hollis, no worries! *salutes*


Whilst I was waiting for my dad to pick me up, I decided to be a lil' vain!

I also cut my fringe myself...yesterday...pfft in order to save a few bucks and energy! :)

Nowadays, I post more on Tumblr and initialy, I wanted to post this batch of photos in Tumblr too! See what I meant by Tumblr-addict? I used to post emotional stuff in there but not as much! :D

Can I hear an applause? :D I post my doodles and random thoughts in there instead..

Aiyoh, I wish blogger has a "REBLOG" option too! How nice if I could reblog other people's thoughts and words instead of having to type them all over again in Blogger *yawns*

:O :O

For he's a big scary bear....that's cute and MACHO!

*RaWr* means I love you in bear! AHAHAHAHAH. Gosh, I am so lame. :P

His RaWr is larger than his bite!!

And she goes.....woosh woosh woosh!

-If I wasn’t meant to fly,
I wouldn’t have these wings.
I wouldn’t reach up to the sky,
every night, in my dreams.

Lovely lyrics were meant to be shared ♥


  1. LOL Lilian, u're so funny XD

  2. Cool shirt...cooler expression...XD

  3. haha have u been drinking LOL

  4. wow! nice expression!

  5. beh tahan u hahaha

  6. fun with the webcam! =)

  7. u've got dream walking is it??haha


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