Thursday, August 12, 2010

My purchases for the week!

My practical exams start tomorrow and I'm blogging now!! YIKES!

Oh well, I just finished studying so I guess I deserve some kind of break! A shoooooort break :D

This week is one busy week....any days where you have to study is a busy day. Life without studying is so much more exciting and.....lazy.

I'm starting to develop this really weird feeling which makes me really moody, angry and pissy whenever I don't study! WEIRD OR NOT!? I only realized it after I studied today! I felt so so so much better and also, I felt like this heavy load was being lifted from me, just like that! And I can finally breathe normally again.

A tad bit exaggerated, I know...but then again, I like to exaggerate so I guess that's normal.

My taste for fashion is starting to turn out really ODD! I love florals and vintage stuff a lot! They are so cute! And now, I think I'm starting to like...


Like what the heck! HAHAHAHA! Since when am I interested in soldiers' stuff??

I would like to be the owner of a black military vest! :D

I don't stick to one style, sadly...but one fashion style that I hope I don't venture in is....anything with shoulder pads. NUH-UH! They are so yucky.

Even the fashion police says so.

I miss my old fringe.

My now fringe looks layered T_T *sigh* But then hair always looks the SAME. So, I guess there's not much difference to you guys...but there is a difference to me..


Relevant to the title above, my purchases for the week are....

Not exactly "my" purchases because I didn't purchase was my dad who did the purchasing...but it's still my stuff, so it's considered *MY* then!!


YEY!! ^_^V My old one was wobbly so I didn't use it to study AT ALL. I just use it to place stuff on it, do my make-up and all...but never for study purposes.

My study place is my bed. Odd place, I know O_O but it's not a good place to study at because bed = sleep = sleepy.

That's what I always do. I study for an hour, remind myself it's okay to lie down for five minutes and in the end, I slept for 3 hours. -_-

After I rearranged all my stuff onto it...hehe, looks less empty now!

Inception ♥

Hai hai make-up, hair and skin stuff took about 1/2 of the table's space..

I found a new place for my memorabilia!!

That's where I keep all the stuff that's important to me...anything tiny or big - as long as it means something to me, it goes into the memory box, if not - the dustbin.

Side-note: Yes, I was a monitress before. *show-off moment*

I also bought past year books! Dunno why I am excited for this -_-

Maybe because my physics past year book is PINK in colour! OoOoOoOoOoOooooo~


Yes!! It was torture trying to wear a shoe that's ripped apart to school. I had to snuggle a pair of sport shoes into my bag everyday ever since it tore..

And wearing sport shoes with school uniform just seems...odd.

I don't have to bring two different pairs of shoes to school anymore and I don't have to answer people's questions like "Why are you wearing that and this" *throws confetti*

I wanted to buy a pair of black flats with a bling-bling silver bow attached to it soooo badly! But, I'm worried that the school won't allow it...*sulks*

Dunno what this is called but it sure taste good! (Y)

How my table looks like at the moment and how it will look like in the future!

BOOKS AND BOOKS AND BOOKS everywhere! Not to mention, lots and lots of past year papers.

Alright, that's my short update for this week! Exams start next week........and I am.........scared.

Yes, scared is the best word to describe how I'm feeling right now.

UNDERWATER SENSATION~ (check out the colour matching!)

Hopefully, I will have time to blog about this KACA trip!

If not, I will just blog about it after my mocks are over...exams come first, I can always blog about it next time :)


  1. I can see that the new table will be seldom used too.. hehe

    Practical exam... u got tips.. last time we do have many acurate tips !

  2. How come your school shoes is not the typical white one?! D:


  3. I hate shoulder pads as well!
    they made me look like a robot or smth :(

  4. nice bloggie here....hope u like the inception rite

  5. Cool table...good luck in your exams...


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