Friday, August 06, 2010

My cravings are not to be overlooked

Hello hello!!

I'm not sure whether I will be on hiatus till my exams are over because if I do, I won't be blogging for about a MONTH! That's KERAZEE! (At least, for me)

Oh well, I hope I can withstand the temptations of internet. :)

It will be a busy month for us Form Fives - mocks, orals and practicals.

It's really hard for me to manage a proper study timetable. I always sleep when I'm studying halfway which is really bad because once I fall asleep on the bed which is about around 10-11 pm, I will wake up at around 3 am in the morning and in the end -

I didn't study anything.

I don't want to take afternoon naps because I feel like I'm wasting a lot of precious time but when I don't take them, I will feel sleepy at night. And even if I do take afternoon naps, I will STILL feel sleepy at night. CRISIS!

Anyways, a few weeks ago, one morning in school, I suddenly felt the urge to eat sushi. I kept on urging Jiapin and Elaine to accompany me to Escapade after school but no avail :(

Thank goodness I was stubborn and eventually, Jia pin gave up and agreed to accompany me after her basketball match! WEEHOO!

I cannot ignore my cravings. If I want to eat KFC today, I must HAVE it IMMEDIATELY!! Unless I suddenly have cravings for lobster - that I will have to wait because you know, lobster requires lotsa $$

Jia pin, the very nice person who walked with me to Kiulap!

I don't know what this is called actually...horseradish? That was just my guess though.

Jia pin: *opening the lid*
Me: OH MY.....!! So smelly!!
Jia pin: Where got?? *taking some of it and putting it on a plate*
Me: How can you eat those? It tastes horrible!
Jia pin: No, it doesn't! I will give you a million dollars if you try one spoonful of it.
Me: NEVER! Why not you try it?
Jia pin: Okay, okay... *starts taking one spoonful*
Jia pin: *Starts coughing and choking uncontrollably*

*evil laughter*


Big, QQ and fat Japanese noodles!! *muacks*

Jia pin's mini California maki

And my California Maki!

HAHAHA! We ordered the same thing except, it comes in different sizes. This somehow reminds me of chemistry. Isomers.

Isomers are organic compounds that has the same molecular formula but different structural formula. DEJA VU!

My grandmother's self-made PAU which tastes delish, as usual! :D

I learned all my cooking skills from my grandmother! She taught me how to fry, boil and make food!! Thanks to her, I'm not afraid of oil splatters. :)

Alright, time for me to study!

I don't think I will blog much starting from today...oh well :(

And!! I'm so excited to go KACA (The Handicapped Children of Brunei Association) this Saturday :) Hope everything goes well!

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