Sunday, August 01, 2010

Inception, you are my new love

I watched Inception last night with my mother and my little brother.

Note to self: Don't bring little brothers to cinema. They are a waste of time. -_-

Note 2 to self: Don't bring clueless mamas to cinema too.

MAN! Because of my little brother, my mama had to go toilet in which she missed 5 minutes of the first part in the movie and when she came back, she totally had no clue what the movie was about! Not even A BIT!! She don't even know who the good or bad guy is.

And I had to explain the whole thing to her while watching the movie. -_- (But I ignored her so yeah :D)

One word for Inception. Sorry, two words.


It left me in awe. Seriously. When I walked out of the cinema, my body was moving but my mind was still stuck in the movie.

Christopher Nolan, who was the director of the movie is a really, really good director. He directed the movie, "The Dark Knight" which I found really GOOD TOO!!

If you haven't watch The Dark Knight, you should. If you watched it and find it boring, you suck. Cause I read that it's rated as Top 10 movies of 2008.

Inception - it should and I hope it will be the best movie in 2010. I'm not exaggerating it. This is the fact (At least, in my case) I mean, it's such a brilliant plot and the whole concept just keeps you hanging in suspense and wanting and longing for more of it in the end.

You don't just watch the scenes happening, you FEEL them!

The only thing I was so upset about it is that I didn't get to watch the movie earlier. Cause if I did, maybe my judgement towards the movie would be different.

A LOT of people have told me that this movie was really good and of course, out of curiosity, I went and watched it. And it got a positive review from me! :D

If I watch it before people even began telling me that it's good and all, maybe I would even find it AWESOME-R or maybe I will find it suck-ish. (If I do find it suck-ish, you know that's when I have gone crazy)

Who knows?

I'm convinced by the phrases of people saying "It's a good movie" and it kept on replaying and replaying itself in my mind while I watching the movie.

Christopher Nolan is an amazing director. I love how he explores what he wonders! All of us wonder, but we don't really explore.

I always wonder why do we call females females and not males. Why do we call males males and not females. WHY WHY WHY! I don't know why! You tell me why!

This movie made me think a lot.

*SPOILER PART* You can skip if you haven't watch it yet :) Actually, no, don't skip it. Cause it's not really a spoiler, I think?

I wonder, hm, I just wonder if it's possible to actually go create your own dream...

I know we can dream, but, most of the time, we don't really get a chance to create our own dreams. Our minds do it for us. But then, in terms of logic, if our minds are creating our dreams for us, aren't we actually creating our own dreams too?

For me, for example,

I once dreamt about myself shopping in this beautiful boutique decorated with an antique feel. The walls were made out of wood and were dark brown in colour. The boutique was divided into different compartments - one for young wear, working women, accessories, headbands - overall, it's a shopping paradise for all ladies.

My dad gave me 50 bucks/ or was it 100 bucks to shop and I began running around for no particular reason. I searched for the perfect outfit but somehow, I was rushing whilst I was searching felt like time was

And I had no choice, but to rush, I ran and ran around the boutique searching for I-don't-know-what..and it suddenly dawned to me that I was dreaming.....and I woke up from my dream immediately feeling really disappointed because I didn't get to buy anything after all. :(

It has the SAME CONCEPT as the movie's.

In the movie, when the person you manipulate knows he/she is dreaming, he/she will immediately wake up from his/her dream and will know it's just a dream.

Amazing, ain't it?

Another part of the movie where you can just wake that person up from his/her dream by "scaring" him/her.

It works every time. And it is VERY, VERY, VERY 100% true.

Each time I wake up from any nightmare or dream, it's always a dream where I end up falling and I would just kick the bed for no reason and suddenly wake up from my dream.

It doesn't hurt but it hurts in the dream. It really does and that is the only effective way you can do to wake up from your dream. How scary is that! Imagine to not being able to wake up from your dream forever!!

I still can't create my own world in my dream though. I can have a fantasy la-la land but I can't control my self in my dream. I can't say I want to do this and that....

Somehow, my virtual-self in my dream KNOWS that it's a dream, but she still doesn't want to act like "it's fine, it's just a dream!! Go do it!"

What powerful things our mind can do.

I love, love the tagline. What an attractive tagline for an attractive movie.

"Your mind is the scene of the crime."

Indeed, it is.

And guess what? I did not yawn AT ALL while watching this movie and this proves how enthralled I was while watching the movie. By the way, I always tend to YAWN when I watch movies in the cinema, so to make me not to yawn - that movie ought to BE not just good, but EXCELLENT.

Inception is that movie.

Watching Inception is like trying to solve a riddle. Cause there's so many parts in the movie that make you go "HUH???"

In other words, it's like trying to solve an 11 mark Add.Math question. ;) (For me, cause you know - I suck in Add Math T_T)

I loved Joseph Gordon Levitt in that movie. He's so cute and charming! ^_^

I rate Inception infinity. This movie is absolutely beautiful. It's one of those movies that left me breathless.

Missing this film and not getting the film's point is a crime.



  1. it was one hell of a movie. but on a side note, christopher nolan is also the man who created the image of "Joker" in dark knight. go figure his genius...

  2. inception is awesome! =)

  3. awesome possum to me :D

  4. Dream to Dream making me confuse xD

  5. heard it is a nice show..

  6. I heart ur review.. inception is mindblowingly awesome and i so get what u mean when u walk out the cinema but mind in the movie... =)

    haha.. ur poor mum.. this show requires 101% concentration..


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