Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am so sleepy at this moment...


Oh yes, I'm blogging in the midst of my mocks! SO AWESOME RIGHT!! Not.

Exams ARE just so tiring :~

My sleep time these days are so so so so horrible! Instead of sleeping at 12 am, I sleep at 2 or the latest, 3 am! THAT'S CRAZY! The things I do for exams...hai hai hai~ :c

Anyways! I'm blogging now and will you look at the time *looks at the time* It's 1 am!!

See what I meant by bad sleep-time?

Back to the topic, I'm blogging now to announce that I will be on....

HIATUS! (till my exams are over that is)


Will be back alive and kickin'! :O

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