Friday, August 27, 2010

Add math is beautiful


Like I said, I have become so so so so so so so interested in doodle drawing.

It's so fun and even though it's a long process (Around 5-10 minutes), I'm still enjoying it! :D

That's how awesome it is.

You have got to check out all those famous doodle sites. Nah, I will be selfish and won't reveal them. But I think I still will.

Their doodles are OUT-A-SITE!


Really creative people. :)

I aspire to be like them.

Of course my drawing above is a lau-beh version. At first, I thought it's not bad. Now that I look at it, it looks like something created from paint. -_-

Oh well! Just wanted to show you guys how beautiful....add math is.

Beautiful, yep. Ain't that a beautiful sight? :~


  1. I think yr doodles are cute (: Not bad! Btw, I hate add maths too HAHA

  2. Indeed your drawings are cute and simple...i just love them !

  3. add maths sucks!!

  4. i hate add maths in form 5 but i ended up in Mechanical Engineering where add math is major in the subject xD
    ended up suffered for 2 years in Diploma ~.~

  5. DoodleS!!! :DDD i suck in drawing FML LOL.

    Assmaths. not addmaths LOL

  6. add maths... failed every exam in school but miraculously got an A for SPM~~ XP

  7. is beautiful enough compared to what you learn in university. differential equation. but hey, people never get satisfy with anything.

  8. add maths is beautiful. without it, alot of things wouldnt happen.

  9. addmaths teacher here :D

  10. wa..addmath...i want to improve it...spm...around the corner....!!!

  11. I LOVE YOUR DOODLES! SO CUTE! :) nanged and visited!


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