Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A small taste of Italian food

This calls for another *FOODIE POST* because you know how much I love food as much as I love myself!!

That is HOW food is important to me.

ONLY if it's concerning the food I love...I don't understand how some people can actually like garlic! It's so smelly and yucky!

The odd thing about me is - I HATE GARLICS TO THE MAX but I like eating crushed chili mixed with garlic till it becomes so fine until you can't even see the actual form of it...and also, GARLIC BREAD!

It does taste so much better than the actual garlic itself. Plus, it gives you smelly breath! What's there to like?? Okay, so it kills off bacteria in food...big deal! Replace garlic with ginger! (Which smells so good)

Anyways, again, I decided to try out a recipe I found online...most of the recipes I tried are all simple...I've yet to try out the complicated ones! I feel like making something sweet...pudding anyone? I'm gonna try it soon...I hope! :D

I bet you're like O_O OMG! Lilian made this? So awesome!

Not. This is a dish from Swensens which I'm in love with so much ♥ It tastes SUPERB. I dunno what sauce the chef used...but it made the pasta SO GOOD and makes you want to taste more of it!

I think it's called chili crab pasta if I'm not wrong! Go have a taste of it. You know you can trust me :)

Although it's quite pricey for me...the soft shelled crab is too small for my liking! For $14.90, I would expect the crab to look a little bigger..oh well!

The recipe that I'm making is much much more simpler than the one above! Like 100 times simpler....and it's the first and baby step in making Italian food...and that is none other than....


I bet some of you are like this: -_____-"

Ever since I tasted the nachos Sandy and co sold at Entrepreneurship Fair, I longed for more of it......

The one at Cheezbox is not as good as theirs...and I can't ask them to make one specially for me right? So, I decided to just make one by myself!

The ingredients needed...of course I skipped a few ingredients as usual -_-

Like pepperoni and Parmesan cheese...cause it's not like I will be using them in the future!

Good chips are essential...hehehehe, which is why Doritos comes in the picture! ♥

And oh..instead of using pepperoni, I used sausages as a substitute..

I think it tastes better without sausages or any other salty filling. The doritos are salty enough to provide enough flavour for the whole dish!

Looks like an AFTER picture..but it's not, really..

Tat-tat-tat...this is not the final step...adding this whole dish into the microwave is da final step!! I haven't tried to eat this raw...and I reckon it will taste...funky if I skipped this part :S

The final product!!

Not much difference in appearance...but a lot of difference in the inside :D

Which is why...don't judge a book by it's cover! (Although I tend to be attracted to pretty book covers just like how humans are attracted to pretty stuff and people, NO? :D)

Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside :D



  1. *DROOLING* it certainly looks nice to me!

  2. Nice friend...visit my if u free ekh ;D

  3. wow, looks easy to prepare and pretty yummy-looking. might wanna try this out, since my dad is pretty fond of nachos.


  4. okay, i feel hungry already after reading this mouth watering post :x

  5. like ur post*

    I've never tried nachos before, but I am tempted now :P

  6. WOW!!!you make me feel like cooking too!! :D

  7. whoa u have talent in cooking!!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  8. Tempting! Urgh, I love garlic. :)

  9. Thanks for the comments peepos :D Should try it someday. It's really easy to make! :)

    JoYce: YES! DO COOK! Make your future hubby happy :D


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