Thursday, July 01, 2010

My little wantan babies ❤

Do you love dimsum or eating dimsum? There's a difference, trust me.

FOR ME, I LOVE BOTH! :D I love dimsum and I love eating them! I love every dimsum dish served in dimsum restaurants, but one dish that I especially lav is PRAWN WANTAN! ❤

I don't know how a simple dish can turn out so amazingly tasty! For me, lah. It's a personal favourite of mine other than siew mai. Heheheh.

And so, I decided to try and make prawn wantans! *coff* All made by me with extra ❤

Since I have cravings for it almost everyday, I might as well just make it instead of buying it from restaurants! That way, I can make prawn wantans any day or any hour I want, regardless of the weather, time and MOOD! :D

Woohoo! Cause if it's raining, I don't want to go out and buy wantan. If it's late, how to buy prawn wantan? D: If I'm not in the mood, I don't even want to change my clothes to go out kai-kai buy!!

SEE! Homemade wins kai-kai anytime!! :)

P/S: For those who don't know chinese that well, kai-kai means : shopping

Fat juicy prawns are essential for yummy-licious prawn wantans! I like my prawns to be silky, fat and juicy!

These are the ingredients used to marinade the prawns! I didn't know that you have to marinade the prawns beforehand actually..until I google it!

OH! I mentioned this before and I'm going to mention it again. GOOGLE IS THE BOMB. It's like your personal dictionary 101, except better.

You got love problems? Google. You want recipes? Google. You want to find nice online shops? Google. You got shy problem that you don't dare to tell others? GOOGLE, BABY!!

Water and soya sauce!

Salt, Oil and the most important thing of all and without it, this dish would lost its appeal as prawn wantan!!

And, it is the so-called AWESOME popiah skin! :D

I skipped a few ingredients that are needed to marinade the prawns simply because I didn't have them :S But they tasted fine without em'!

Chopping the juicy prawns into bite-able sizes!

Added the oil, light soya sauce, a lil bit of salt and mixed everything together..

And it turns out looking like THIS!

Looks the same to me anyway. BUT! It smelled really good! I think it's the soya sauce + the oil that enhance the smell of the prawns! YUMMYBUMMY!

Decided to add a small amount of squashed ginger to further enhance the smell of the prawns!

Just realized that ginger makes every dish flavourful!

Placed a spoonful of the marinated prawns onto the popiah skin..

Ok, this folding and flipping thingy requires a little creativity here and there. And the best part is, YOU get to choose how you want them to look like!

Make them into little round balls? Possible! Make them into popiah rolls? ALSO POSSIBLE! Make them into...umm..a face of your favourite celebrity? POSSIBLE X100!

I wanted to make them look like a pouch but obviously, it failed. :( BOOHOO!! Well, not really that cham but it kind of look like a failed pouch. So, fail.


This picture reminds me of a bad guy locked up in a cell or someone taking a mugshot or something.



Looks like a bandit, no?? :D

This method of um..folding the wantans to look like they are "embarassed" is the usual method most people use when they are making wantans.

I use this method only when I'm lazy to create fancy schmancy designs..

TA-DA! FINITO and off they go to the beach to get grilled, literally.

And when everything's done...

Honestly speaking, I don't really like the overall presentation. I think it doesn't even look like a wantan at all *sobs and hide at the corner*

That's why, I call it little wantan babies...because they don't look like how they are supposed to look like. In other words, they are just juniors. And the normal-looking wantans are their seniors. Poor babies. ❤

It's okay! Practice makes perfect! I'm sure one day, my wantans won't be called little wantan babies! They will be called... *coming soon*

This is my so-called pouch but apparently, it looks a pouch that got bitten by dogs :P

BUT, STILL eat-able ok! I tasted it and it tastes great! Not to brag here, but it really does taste awesome :D DU-H! Cause it's made by me!

Making and cooking your own food - it gives you a sense of pride + happiness...which eventually, makes you very happy and thus, it enhances the taste of your food because you are happy which ends up = YUMMY FOOD!

Boohoo :( Wanted to create speech bubbles for this picture but I don't have Adobe photoshop at the moment. Bummer.

Say hello to Little Boy boy and Little Girl girl wantan! Got eyelashes summore ;)

Hmm..I guess they look cuter with their smiles attached!

Fresh yummy prawns!!


Anyways, this is my first post in the month of July! I'm a July baby by the way...HAHAHA! :P


  1. can let me try those wantans? i would love it with all the smiley faces XD

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. wah!!! it made me really hungry eh!! look superb tasty!!!

  3. Omg, the raw prawns look so disgusting at first... like mashed brains!! :O:O But the end result is so KIYUUTEEE :D

  4. Haha wow those look really good :P awesome decorations too!

  5. @Lukey Cher Hong: HAHAHAHA! Impossible lor :P

    @Lisa717: Hehehe, that's the point! Thankyou! :)

    @Queen of Babble: :O I love the raw prawns the most! They smell great too btw hehe.

    @Ariff Suffian: Aww, thank you :) I just simply decorated it.


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