Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's good to be GOOD.

A friend of mine told me about how nice I treated him today and so, I replied him with this sentence that gave me an idea to create "it's ___ to be ___" quotes!

Me: It's good to be GOOD, right??


Okay, these are really lame quotes but they make sense. So they can't really be considered lame afterall! :D

They might be the next "it" quotes to replace your cheesy overused quotes! The romantic ones, that is.

Life quotes never get old.

SO HERE IT GOES! Brace yourself to the latest "it" quotes! ;)

It's great to be great.

It's awesome to be awesome. (My favourite!!)

It's nice to be nice.

It's evil to be evil.

It's mean to be mean.

It's bad to be bad.

It's great to be great.

It's fantastic to be fantastic.

It's sad to be sad.

It's happy to be happy.

It's weird to be weird.

It's unique to be unique. (Oh yeah!)

It's cool to be cool.

It's hot to be hot.

It's sarcastic to be sarcastic.

It's smart to be smart.

It's stupid to be stupid.

It's scary to be scary.

I probably have a million "It's ____ to be ___ " quotes waiting for me to be listed out...but I'm too lazy to write them all out and plus, it's not like anyone will read all of them :P

Best thing about this quote: You can add in any word you like and call it - quoted by yours truly.

How about this!

It's Lilian to be Lilian.

HAHAHAHAHAAH. I'm trying to entertain myself, okay?



  1. its true to be true.. haha

  2. It's lame to be lame. =)

  3. Hahaha, your quotes are a bit funny because repeat the verb. =)

  4. It's green tea to be green tea

  5. its good to be rich :P

  6. lol just repeat all the verbs onli...

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  7. How about

    "It's good to be yours"


  8. It's Hilda to be more awesome Hilda? :p


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