Friday, July 02, 2010

I wake up in the morning feeling like se-ven-teen!

I wake up in the morning feeling like se-ven-teen!

That's right, not P'diddy, but se-ven-teen!


The age I dread to become when I'm sixteen. The age I don't want to be when I'm fifteen.

Seveenteen just seems so old. Doesn't it? Thanks to those "Seventeen" magazines I read...pfft. Most of the girls who wrote letters to them are 17 years old! And it doesn't help that the magazine's name is "SEVENTEEN"!!

I can't bear to imagine what it would be like to turn eighteen next year! I WILL BE LEGAL BY THEN :O I can do anything I want! OMG! That is so unbelievable! Drinking will be okay, driving will be okay (in Miri at least) and anything that is illegal for under 18-s will ALL be considered legal to next year :P

Turning seventeen is a huge leap for me! I used to be just a little girl aged 13 not knowing what this age means...I'm just a teenager who doesn't care about the number of pimples that pop out on my forehead or face, whether I have the latest hairstyle or wear the latest fashion - Nah, I don't care about ANY of those. It was the BREEZE year for me. Everything seems so easy.

Fourteen was also another easy-breezy age although I do care more about my clothes by then and also, learned to be more vain :P

HAHAHA! If being vain is not your thing yet - trust me, it will come to you, soon and naturally!

Fifteen. A huge turnover AGE for me! I cared about a lot of stuff by then. The way I looked and the way I dressed and friendship and a lot more stuff that I didn't care about when I was thirteen!

Sixteen. Man.....I worried a lot about the way I looked, the way I dress, the way I act, the way I talk, the way I type and most of all, LIFE.

Sixteen is a great age, despite the bad stuff that's happening to me. I grew a lot stronger emotionally, learned to try not show my feelings out - keep it inside me and eventually, it will fade :)

And now, I'm seventeen. Sweet-er seventeen to me :)

There are a lot of things yet for me to discover and learn....awesome! Although I consider myself OLD already :P well duh, I'm a Fifth-former and I look at my juniors at times - the juniors still look young T_T

So, I will now say CHEERS to a more awesome, exciting, amazing, beautiful *inserts anything wonderful here* SWEET SEVENTEEN!

With love and always,


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Happy birthday.......sweet 17 was awesome, hehehehe

  2. Happy sweet seventeen :D Have a nice one!

  3. Happy Birthday~!! :D I want to be 16 XP

  4. HAPPY Sweet seventeen!!!!!

    I no like u cuz u're still a teen, so young! Ish ish! haha! kidding kidding!

    Have a blast!!!!!

    old grandmama

  5. Happy BELATED birthday!

  6. Thank you xukee, Hilda Milda, Dalet, Jessy and Vin Tsen Gan for the birthday wishes! Really appreciate it :)


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