Thursday, July 08, 2010

I think I'm in love...


HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm serious.

I cannot elaborate on how much I love's just awesome like that.

Currently, I'm quite interested in cooking. I always liked cooking, but this time, it's more than a like and it's less than a love. It's more of a middle-middle kind of thing so I think I will label it as a passion.

A passion can be considered as an obsession, an excitement or an enthusiasm.

I would definitely pick the last one cause I'm pretty much hyped up about it!

I googled cooking recipes last night and OMG! I had so much fun looking through all the recipes! Guess what I googled:


HAHAHAHAHA! Hey, those are specially created for a first-timer like me! I know how to cook okay - heat up the pan, check. Turn on the stove, check. Frying, check. Boiling, check.

I'm not boasting here but I just want to show that I'm not those type of girls that don't even know how to boil water. -_-

Actually, it's quite a silly phrase. I know Veronica from Betty and Veronica don't even know how to boil water but it's weird that she can bake and cook chili -_-

ANYWAYS! In case some of you think that I'm out of my bento-making obsession and all, nope! I'm still interested in it.

I only made one bento so far and it looked hideous. Really far from what you see in those pretty bento pictures I posted up.

I did take a few pictures of it but then, I decided to not post it up because...well, I'm just too embarrassed to post it up T_T

I need a seaweed puncher. That will help. A lot.

Okay, this is a super random blog post with no main topic because initially, I wanted to post a video of me and Michee discussing about the so-called Mort, the female version aka Flying Squirrel.

Too bad Blogger and Youtube won't let me upload it. This sucks.

Cause if you watched the video, you would know why Michee called it the Flying squirrel. -_-

VAIN PICTURES OVERLOAD! (Actually, they're not even THAT vain, I just think they look vintage-y)

Was bored... so I took a picture of myself in the webcam for fun..and it turned out so old-fashioned and vintage-y! ♥

While I was busy snapping away, Michee decided pose the act-tough look aka Tai Lou (gangster)

Don't the colours of this photo look so nice?? :D For me lah!

Those white specks you see on the screen of my laptop is actually DUST.

But then, it makes the picture look more vintage-y than usual!

Just in case some of you guys don't know about this : I LOVE VINTAGE STUFF A LOT. ♥♥

Especially clothes and headbands. Florals rox my sox! \m/

Excuse the messy hair, I just woke up with my face - unwashed and teeth - un-brushed! :P

WOOHOO! Is it me or what? I just find the pictures so vintage-looking!

You can see the videos we recorded at the side..and the failed pictures I took for my birthday post!

Alright, leaving you guys with a last picture of ME!








HAH! I wish. :(

P/S: CONGRATS TO HOLLIS (RED TEAM) FOR GETTING 2ND PLACE THIS YEAR! WE BROKE THE CURSE! HALLELUJAH! What a great way to end the last year of being high school students!

P/PS: I can say..that I'm glad I participated in the events...although I lost badly but it's okay because I know that one day, I will find something else I can do better at!


  1. camwhore session eh.. haha =)

  2. Nice pictures~ And congrats~

  3. google is your friend!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  4. hey dear, u have a very nice smile =)
    p/s i love google too!


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