Friday, August 13, 2010

I can have colour contacts!!

I always wanted to try out colour contacts, but then, I'm worried of what other people might think when I wear them!

Will they think I'm a freak who look like I just came from outer space?

Will they think I'm an Ah-Lian who's trying too hard to look Korean?

Will they think I'm some ang-moh wannabe?

Because colour contacts unlike clear contacts, are VERY, VERY VISIBLE!! Trust me, they are. Especially when you are wearing RED-COLOURED CONTACTS with a light red rim around it. -_-

I was shopping at Yayasan a month ago and while I was standing at the counter waiting in the queue, I looked around and suddenly, I got quite a shock! Guess WHO (Let's not call it a who, it should be a "what") WHAT I saw.

I saw a man who was wearing black from head-to-toe (Even his skin is dark) WEARING red coloured contacts. OMG! I swear I was like O_O x10


He gave me quite a fright that my heart pounded so heavily after I looked away. Not to mention, he was staring right at me again! Of course, I was scared! I thought he was possessed or something!!

So, people, don't wear red colour contacts even if it's just for fun - you may kill someone ok! Take my advice, I've been through it. Luckily, I have a strong heart. If you try this on someone older, I'm afraid they might not stand staring at it. Instead, they will K.O.

Nevertheless, I shall shake all my nosy questions aside AND follow what my heart desires! :)

And so, I wore colour contacts FOR THE FIRST TIME ever. *BLISS* :D :D
















Nah, I didn't. I just photoshopped them. Hehehehe!

Photoshop is one amazing tool. It not only makes your features look nicer and remove your pimples, it can also let you wear colour contacts without forking out a single cent!

Of course, I still like to look at un-photoshopped photos la. But, nowadays, from what I heard, it's hard to find people who don't photoshop their own narcissistic photos.

Me: OMG! This blogger is so pretty! *shows pictures*
Person: Aiya. Confirm is photoshop one.

What a boo. :(

But, some bloggers are really pretty! And I think they are 101% real. My point is - Even though you photoshop yourself like crazy, you will somehow still have a little *you* in it...and therefore, you will still look like YOU!

That's what I did. AND T______T

I don't want to photoshop myself anymore. All the after pictures look so pleasant to see! No wonder people like to photoshop themselves.

Anyways! I welcome you to my colour contact lenses factory otherwise known as L.C.C.F (Lilian Colour Contacts Fairy-tory) where are your wishes come true by just a click! :D

Honey L ♥ (Yes, I have names for my contacts, well, if people can have contacts, Barbie Lens, Geo Lens, Sweetie or whatever kawaii name brand etc, I can have one too!) :D

Purply L ♥

I ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to try purple colour contacts and I wanna see how I look like with them....and I must say, it's not a very striking colour so I guess I can blend in with the crowd :)

*smacks self*

What am I saying?? I don't want to blend in, I want to be DIFFERENT.

Green Gem L ♥

Oh can see a little glitch here, but just ignore it! I kinda like green on my eyes...they blend in well and the colour looks like a mixture of aqua-ish blue + green! I like! :D

The before and the after!!

And here are the after-products! :)

BOO!! I played with photoshop in this picture. I applied blusher on my cheeks and tinted my lips with a light pink colour! ^_^ Fun!

Not very obvious...but it's supposed to be purply colour + a little black :)

This one is much more obvious but I had to lighten the picture a lot to be able to actually see the effect!

Which colour looks best on me? :D

I can't wait to try out the real thing!! But, I always have a hard time choosing the colours. My first pick will always be purple. :)


  1. scary!!! natural colour better ba.
    hahaha..but, depends on ur own preference too ^^

  2. haha i cant post up a photo without editing it first *wink

    Your post is cool, if its up to me , i will say dont give a F what ppl will think

    but like it or not this is still Malaysia and ppl can be so shallow , so by wearing bright contact lens ,most probably they're gonna give u the weird stares which is rude

    so i kinda like what u did with your photos :)

  3. you're so pro in photoshop :p hahah i always go for brown or grey (:

  4. Shud put more courage 2 put bright color lens !! Ur eyes r pretty =D

  5. i tot u going to buy, manatau is going a "shop"!
    PHOTOSHOP!!!! hahaha....


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